You heathens, time is now to convert to Islam

Friends, if, the resident muslim apologist on my blog, Paarsurrey is to be believed, then it is inhuman to ridicule ideas people believe in and you are not a true humanist. These beliefs are, but not limited to, believing that there is a god, and that this god chose one dumb fellow to reveal to his word, in Arabic, the dumb fellow then got some idle typist to listen to his rambling and together they compiled a holy[sic] book.

He wants, you and me, to believe, as his responses to this post, suggest, that Islam is submission to god with reason. Yes, you read that clearly.  What reason, apart from being born in a certain geographical area, to believing parents and being too lazy to inquire or not being exposed to contrary ideas would one have for submitting to god?

Our apologist is a kindly gentleman who also wants us to believe there is nowhere in the koran where ghosts, phantoms etc are mentioned. First as a matter of clarification, gods, ghosts, angels, genii, satan and whatever other spiritual being you can think are phantoms, creations of the mind and are words without meaning to say the least and as such I can use them interchangeably.  So paarsurrey, saying one true god, several times in response to me doesn’t promote your phantom to reality, it remains in the same close of beings that are products of ignorance and fear.

He also want us to believe that there is nothing in the Koran that warrants enslavement of another. A look at Surat 8 will dissuade anyone of such a notion for in every  few verses, all we get is admonitions on how to subdue the unbelievers and this is with the support of Allah. Unless, therefore this gentleman has a different version of the Koran and lives in a cave, alone, with internet access, he is guilty of lying with a straight face!

In verse 8: 52, we are told

[Theirs is] like the custom of the people of Pharaoh and of those before them. They disbelieved in the signs of Allah , so Allah seized them for their sins. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and severe in penalty.

which apart from being a reference to the pharaoh story of the OT, shows not a loving god but a vindictive. Our apologist can tell himself several times over that his, is a religion of peace, if that makes him happy, but the truth is far from that. He has also informed us that he believes wholly and religiously in the Koran making him a fundamentalist to the core, albeit one who appears is not ready to go on the rampage because a cartoon of the prophet[piss be on him] has been printed somewhere on the globe.

In order not to make this post longer than it is already is, I ask you friends to weigh in and help the brother, for I truly think, he needs our help. I also urge you not to call him names, he says, it is lack of reason to use ridicule and inhuman to insult people 😛