Blog break 10: Free will

Fellow sufferers, especially those who have followed us for sometime know my position on the free will debate. Today, I decided to see what other people have written on the matter and for the most part, I honestly was disappointed and I will show you why in a bit. However, before we get going, yours truly requires that whoever decides to invoke a god or gods in the comments to be kind to define what they mean by the word god and why they think the being they have described exists.

In they had a choice, the author basically gives god, whatever that is, a free pass in the matter of a decision by Adam and Eve to eat some fruit and invoke Satan, the one scapegoat christians have used time immemorial to excuse their god from all responsibility. It would be a sad day for us if this god really existed!

The author of Free will and free choice again tells us nothing substantive why we have free will and choice. Maybe they had no intention to tell us anything useful.

Then, I thought now we have someone who has a grasp of what they are writing in Free will vs Determinism only to be left very disappointed. Am interested in his explanation of hwy he thinks he has control over his actions.

The author of sovereignty and free will had no intention to make sense. However, to their credit, we must say they take their belief in god seriously, believing there is an Antichrist and also believes that he should follow god’s will. To rephrase some quote I read a while back, most people believe it is the will of god if it is in line with what they desire, and this I think must be the case here too.

We have in the problem of free will an apologist who believes the problem is really not with free will itself but how it is used, how this makes sense is beyond me though. He tells us his god gave everyone free will so that we could not feel like dolls, seriously! Can’t this apologists tell us something else or do they all consult with WLC and Plantinga before they write their articles?

The author of of free will and redemption sets out by calling BS on those who say they are this or that way because of how they were born and ends up writing a BS post to show why she doesn’t understand the question really. I am interested in knowing at what point in her life she decided she wanted to be a christian and as you already know, am very patient.

The author of free will believes that Jesus[god] died so he could have free will. Don’t you just love this people 😛

And finally in having had my run of free will, who apart from the good prose tells us nothing much, I end this post and ask to hear your thoughts on the matter, maybe someone may just persuade me to change my outlook.


There is a god

What god? Where? Why? Who has seen one?

The internet is a good place. There are so many posts about god by apologists one wonders why god does not just simply show up to end the debate at least for the current generation so that we can deal with other important matters like how do we die a good death, how do we end wars, poverty, bigotry, tribalism and many other ills that we humans have due to ignorance, greed and desire to control others have brought on ourselves.

Take for example this post in which the author is so convinced there is a god. He tells us

When we have God,nothing is impossible.

Towards the end of the gospel of Mark, a promise is made to those who believe and this promise includes moving mountains. Since I don’t want Mt. Kenya to be moved, would this fellow just command a tree to move from one position to another, that is all I want him to do and nothing more!

We are told that

many people neglect God in their life assuming He is not there

which I think is true for most christians who live their life like there is no god and remember god when they are about to eat[sometimes] and when they are sick. I on the other hand have not neglected god, I just know there isn’t one.

The brother then goes on to tell us

everyone has a problem and we all experience problems whether we like it or not. I’ve  worshiped God and now i know that He exists.Everyone is looking for a being bigger than this world

a position that is indefensible. For, conceding, that everyone has a problem, not all of us need god. Most of my problems can be solved with just a little mullahs, for example, if I need a beer, money is all I need, if I want to travel, money again. For some of my problems, I need a friend and for some I need a gun, just maybe.  I am interested in knowing what god this fellow worshiped. I would be interested in him telling me what he conceived god to be, for, I think, this information might be helpful to some of those who visit this blog. And no, am not looking for something bigger than this world. It is already big enough as it is!

No atheists don’t think

that atheism is the biggest thing that exists,bigger than themselves.Our hearts naturally know that there is something out there and inside us that is in control of everything.

Apart from the fact that the first statement makes no sense, I don’t know of any atheists who hold such thoughts so a list would do in this particular case. My heart knows nothing, it only pumps blood. The faculty of knowledge rests in the brain and so far as I can tell, it is the CPU because once it is kaput, that’s the end of a sentient being’s life.

If any of you wants to see god, look no further, the fellow tells us

I accept God exists because I’ve seen Him in my life.

Please tell me what he looked like. I do have a few questions that we might want to discuss.

If you didn’t know already, god loves war victories and what example do we have?

Look at the nation of Israel,it’s a small nation that no other nation can conquer.If you look at Israel’s history,it’s full of miracles that a natural man cannot accomplish only by himself.

A person who believes that the best evidence for the existence of god is war victories have no qualms denigrating atheists for saying that the god of the bible, the Koran and the Torah is a tyrant, a war monger and a horrible parent! Give me a break!

We are then told

God exists and it’s time to believe.

And we say in response, show us the evidence so that we shall know, because then we may not need to believe!

I knew we will have to come to the point where we really have bad logic. We are told

People have had dreams about heaven and hell,for heaven and hell exist. People have had revelations,visions and dreams about the future,and then it comes to pass.People have prophesied and it comes to pass.Miracles have happened.How can you explain this except by God.

Such logic qualifies a person for the title idiot of the first degree! How does people dreaming of something they have been told in churches or read in books make such a thing true! This fellow should tell us what a miracle is and when he ever did witness one, that is, if such a thing thus called has ever happened! The first problem is that god needs an explanation even before we explain miracles!

We are told

There is a God,the God of Israel,the God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaac.There is only one God.

To which I respond, no such thing exists except in the heads of the believers. And the reason why there is only one god we are told is

For if there were many gods,then they would all compete for supremacy and there would be a fierce fight and this world would suffer

which is quite interesting because last I checked, the Hindu gods are not busy trying to gorge each other’s eyes nor has there been any fights anywhere except among believers of different faiths on whose god has a bigger ego and loves more blood!

In the end we are told

God is only one and there is only one way to Him,and that is Jesus.Jesus is the way,the truth and the cannot get to the Father except through Him.Brothers and sisters,accept Jesus as your personal Savior and He will save you and you will be free,forever. 

To which I say, no I don’t need to be saved. And no, your god doesn’t exist, your Jesus is a myth and please get a life!


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How is this justifiable? Kenyatta National Hospital is the last place to be admitted in if you can help it!

The largest referral hospital in the East Africa region is Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. That is the only thing positive about it. I was there yesterday to see my uncle who is admitted with a head injury following a road accident a few days ago. As a taxpayer, the money the government takes from me is to be used to provide essential services that would otherwise be out of reach of most people, why this isn’t happening when the same government is willing to spend 450 million to build a retirement office for some old geezer who has a few years to live and more than 200 million to renovate the house for the number two clown running this government!

How on mother earth do you have people hawking in wards selling groundnuts, airtime and I don’t know what else?

The nurses don’t allow anyone in the hospital out of visiting hours, I have no problem with this, but I have problem if they don’t do their work. How for example, does a person serve a person who can’t see or hear food and does not feed them? Are you trying to kill them faster or how is it?

If your relatives don’t visit, then you don’t get your bedding changed and most likely you will not be washed! I find this so horrid, I don’t even want to contemplate.

I get angry writing about the state of affairs in this hospital and so I end this rant here!