On confessions 2

Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived[ Isaac Asimov]

Friends, I know those of you who have followed this blog long enough have read the post I wrote a while back on my journey of faith. I have in the past at different intervals kept a diary/ journal. This has not usually been very consistent. Why am telling you this is because today I found some journal entries I made towards the end of March 2011.

It reads

These are notes of a believer out on journey of truth. A journey that leads to knowing what is true and false about those beliefs that until now has been held and treated as sacrosanct.

It starts with looking to find if indeed the bible is actually the inspired word of god. To find out if Jesus was a special son of god or was as all believers are sons of god?

At the end, the believer wants to find out about god and then find himself. In looking at the bible critically, the believer acknowledges that where god has spoken, this has been clear requiring no interpretations and where it was through a prophet of god, an explanation always followed so that it was always clear in his intentions.

Many times in online debates with theists, many of them have taken the position that the atheist has not sought god sincerely. I don’t know about you, but at this point in time, I had really high hopes about meeting god. I think what I believed about the bible is here quite evident. Any theist who thinks my disbelief is because of a misfortune that befell at some point in the past. No, no, I have lived quite a jolly good life and although the death of mom 5 years prior was a low point, I had always believed that the god I had been taught to believe in was real. Am here now, a non believer for several reasons; I know better, there are no gods and while at it, whatever is meant by god hasn’t been defined to allow me or any rational person to make a judgement on whether such a being could exist.

It is important to add here that I was nudged in this direction by two close Muslim friends of mine who had said there were contradictions in the bible, something I wouldn’t accept. So I took them on their word, bought a notebook and set out to find out if this was really the case. Whatever happened after that, as they say, is now history.

My notes on the same day lists chapters that contradict each other.  I will list the verses below and suggest you dust your bible from wherever you keep it and read them for yourself

We have 1 Kings 15:14 and 2 Chronicles 14:3

1 Timothy 6:16 and Exodus 33:11, Genesis 32:30

James 1:13, Deut 32:4 and Jeremiah 18:11

On 28th March 2011

James 5:11 and Joshua 10:11

Isaiah 1:11-13, Jeremiah 6:20 and Exodus 29:36

On 31st March 2011

Mathew 5:16 and Mathew 6:1

Luke 12:4 and John 7:1

I can’t find all the other notes where I wrote them.

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