Why are you so concerned about religion? As an atheist, you don’t believe in God. So why bother concerning yourself with religion?

Religion doesn’t just deal with the belief in god. It comes with rituals, customs and prescribes how men should behave towards each other. Many times in the past and presently, wars have been fought because Shi’ite Muslims can’t agree with Sunni Muslims, and men have been beheaded/ imprisoned for renouncing belief in the Muslim version of god. Many people have argued that religion is good for society and that it has made positive contributions to our societies. In a way, this is true, my question has been whether these could have been achieved without religion?

Enquiries on Atheism

 To be brutally honest, I try not to be. But it is becoming more difficult to turn a blind eye even though I live in a country where the impact of religion is minimal.

South Africa has one of the best constitutions in the world, so I have heard said, and Church and State are very much separated. Even though President Jacob Zuma once declared the ANC would still be in office when Jesus returned, I don’t believe he is that religious to take himself seriously; not considering how many wives he has.

Although he is considered by many to be corrupt, so perhaps that might be a point in his favour if ever he decided to declare he was religious?

Growing up in the UK I noted the  “Troubles” of Northern Ireland, and merely thought these people, Catholic and Protestant were nuts. I occasionally paid attention to the perennial…

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Between the Lions: An Agnostic’s view of the Theism versus Atheism debate

An interesting post on an interesting debate from the agnostic’s pov

Enquiries on Atheism

By Robert A. Vella

A close relative of mine, who happens to be a devout Christian, asked me once why I didn’t believe in “God.”  I answered that because there was no evidence supporting the existence of any supernatural being, I could not accept the concept as real.  He responded by claiming that the “evidence” was all around me, in the trees and in the sky and in the flesh of my body.  I replied that all those things are best explained through verifiable science.  He asserted that “God” created science and that I must have faith in “Him.”  I reiterated that my beliefs were based on knowledge, not faith.  The verbal exchange soon ended in frustration and hurt feelings.

I had a similar discussion with a good friend of mine who is an atheist.  He criticized my non-committal position as an agnostic by insisting that my refusal to deny…

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Are you open-minded to the supernatural?

A question that has been oft asked of atheists and which I can only offer no as an answer.

Enquiries on Atheism

People of every culture, race, educational background, financial background, etc. have claimed some experience, so how can they all be wrong?

How has it been possible to persuade reasonable beings that the thing most impossible to comprehend, was most essential to them? It is because they have been greatly terrified; because when they fear, they cease to reason; because they have been taught to mistrust their own understanding; because when the brain is troubled, they believe everything and examine nothing. [Baron d’Holdbach in Good Sense]

To answer the first question, it would be in order to first have a working definition of the word supernatural 

1. Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.
2. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.
3. Of or relating to a deity.
4. Of or relating to the immediate exercise of divine power; miraculous.
5. Of…

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