On the education of children

Yours truly approves of the passage below by Arthur Schopenhauer in one of his essays where he writes,among other things, on the education of children. We believe that if this were done, we would not have blockheads ready to strap C4s around their waist blowing up people left right and centre for believing in the wrong god, bigots of the christian variety opposing LGBTs, assisted dying, stem cell research, use of contraceptives and so on that mostly requires one to be religious to find a reason to oppose.

Children should be kept from all kinds of instruction that may make errors possible until their sixteenth year, that is to say, from philosophy, religion and general views of every description; because it is the errors that are acquired in early days that remain as a rule, ineradicable, and because the faculty of judgement is the last to arrive to maturity. They should only be interested in such things that make errors impossible, such as mathematics, in things which are not very dangerous, such as languages, natural science, history and so forth; in general, the branches of knowledge which are to be taken up at any age must be within reach of the intellect at that age and perfectly comprehensible to it. Childhood and youth are the time for collecting data and getting to know specially and thoroughly individual and particular things. On the other hand, all judgement of a general nature must at that time be suspended and final explanations left alone. One should leave the faculty of judgement alone, as it only comes with maturity and experience and also take care that one does not anticipate it by inculcating prejudice, when it will be crippled for ever.

The eleventh commandment

Friends, today in my mail box, I received mail signed god – didn’t say which god, but I guess, must have been the god of Judaism adopted by Christians and later Arabs since it only had, what I think, is an update on the rule book and a warning or rather advice.

The commandment is

Never interrupt.

Since there was no forwarding address, the god or whoever its messenger was, added, what yours truly considers, a very humorous comment. It read, none of you will be alive when I come back to update these rules. The last fellow I sent got himself crucified for telling people they will be around when I come to destroy the world and I don’t want a repeat of such a blunder by my messengers.

Yours truly approves!