What would happen if

During prenatal care, your doctor had a way of determining with some level of accuracy the sexual orientation of your soon to be born child? Would this be a good idea in a world that is already too homophobic, where in countries like Uganda and Nigeria, it is a criminal offence to be gay? Would this help matters or will this worsen a situation that is already delicate? What or rather how will a church that sees being gay as a sickness respond to such a breakthrough if we call it that? Wouldn’t this help their cause where parents would begin to choose for heterosexuality?

These questions and many more are what comes to mind when one reads this and this articles. It raises several moral questions especially on the pro-choice and pro-life[death] debate.

The science of gaydar paper is very interesting, and this for many reasons- when you begin to think about the idea, one may agree it would be important for the members of the gay community if this could be put at a rest, that is, the oft repeated statement that sexual orientation is a choice. The fear that I have, and that is similarly raised in the other article I have linked above, is wouldn’t this in some manner promote eugenics as  practiced by the Nazi not so long ago?

What do the ladies think about this comment

 Female sexual response is more democratic, opaque, and unpredictable: Arousal itself is harder to track, and there is evidence that it defies easy categorization. “I don’t yet understand female partner choices very well, and neither does anyone else,” [..]. “What I do think it’s time to do is admit that female sexuality looks in some ways very different from male sexuality, and that there is no clear analog in women of men’s directed sexual-arousal pattern, which I think is their sexual orientation. I am not sure that women don’t have a sexual orientation, but it is certainly unclear that they do.”

Do you agree with this proposition or has the researcher misrepresented a significant population of the human species?

And lastly, what are your thoughts in relation to this closing paragraph in the paper

It’s not playing with the number of toes you have; it’s really manipulating your very essence. So many people see gay people only in terms of sexual behavior, as opposed to what sexual orientation is really about, which is how you fit into the world. I don’t want to get mushy, but it’s about your soul?