Lamu and other stories

Hello friends.

The last few days yours truly was away on a business trip and that explains the conspicuous absence. I hope I wasn’t missed a lot :-P.

Lamu, rather, Amu town is one of the seven islands in Lamu County others being Faza, Pete and I can’t remember the rest.It’s a two street town, both streets running parallel to the sea front. The only car in this town is for the district commissioner. To move around the town the mode of transport is donkeys[ there is a lot of donkey shit] or foot.

The food, or rather the few places I managed to sample their food had very good food.

I was disappointed with my hotel, not that it was bad, far from it but I noticed they discriminate based on colour. I don’t whether it is the hotel policy or the mistake of one of the workers. As I have mentioned elsewhere, there is a lot of donkey shit in this town so the hotel asks its guests to leave their shoes at the door which I readily obliged. From there on, they tell you to proceed bare feet as they offer no sandals. These white couple came in and were allowed to get in with their shoes. Am not sleeping there when I go back.

There are young men who though a little bit helpful are a serious menace. They almost follow you everywhere and shaking them off is quite some work.

The bar was quiet, the DJ played not so good music but the atmosphere was very relaxing.

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