How can atheists say anything about god

Well because we can. I don’t watch football but I can say one or two things about it.

Enquiries on Atheism

There are questions or comments that I feel do not call for a proper response because they have not been well thought out. An example of such questions is

How can atheists say [essentially anything about God]?  If a person does not believe in God, then they cannot rightfully define him.  The atheist, therefore, must look to authoritative sources for the definition of God.

First I want to begin by saying if ever a coherent definition of a god will be arrived at, the theists will have the atheists to thank. This does not in any way suggest that I believe  any gods, no,  I don’t. What I mean here is that with continuous criticism of the definitions being offered for the word god, the theists get help in trying to clarify the idea of a god but not demonstrating the existence of such a being.

I guess as one regular visitor…

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