How can atheists say anything about god

Well because we can. I don’t watch football but I can say one or two things about it.

Enquiries on Atheism

There are questions or comments that I feel do not call for a proper response because they have not been well thought out. An example of such questions is

How can atheists say [essentially anything about God]?  If a person does not believe in God, then they cannot rightfully define him.  The atheist, therefore, must look to authoritative sources for the definition of God.

First I want to begin by saying if ever a coherent definition of a god will be arrived at, the theists will have the atheists to thank. This does not in any way suggest that I believe  any gods, no,  I don’t. What I mean here is that with continuous criticism of the definitions being offered for the word god, the theists get help in trying to clarify the idea of a god but not demonstrating the existence of such a being.

I guess as one regular visitor…

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10 thoughts on “How can atheists say anything about god

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    If god is Incomprehensible, then how can the theists in general, and church of Rome believers in particular, describe him?

    I always wondered why the believers so often assert the freedom of religion principle yet overlook the freedom of speech. All of us have the right to our own thoughts and opinions.

    Great arguments, my Nairobi brother! Nice job! 🙂


  2. “The atheist, therefore, must look to authoritative sources for the definition of God.”

    I would have to ask what makes these “authoritative sources,” authoritative – have they seen the god for whom they are an authoritative source? Had lunch with him possibly? I would have to have an acceptable answer to this question before I could accept any such definition. Anyone can claim authority on nearly anything.


  3. a theist will claim this about other theists that disagree with them too. And of course all theists are sure that their nonsense is the only “authoritative” word on god/s.


  4. When the theists within one religion cannot agree on one dogma, how can any of them be an authority? Perhaps if someone produced some hard evidence they could agree…


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