On witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus

I know Easter is still a long way off but that doesn’t stop us from asking questions about the resurrection. It has been claimed, by among others, apostle Paul that if Christ wasn’t resurrected, then their faith is in vain. Unfortunately it is, but that is for another time. Paul has claimed in his letters there were about 500 witnesses to the resurrection but we only have his word and no one else and as Brisancian has elucidated it eloquently in his blog, I will not belabour the point.

Celsus[ in his arguments against the Christians] asks a very interesting question.

Is it to be believed that Christ, when he was alive, openly announced to all men what he was; but when it became requisite that he should procure a strong belief of his resurrection from the dead, he should only show himself secretly to one woman and his associates?

When god was a rabbit

by Sarah Winman

Is a beautiful story of a lady, her relations and friends and about god.

God died in this book, am serious! But then god was a rabbit who was run over by their guest. An interesting question asked in this book is why a rabbit can’t be god.

It’s the story of Joe and his heartbreak, after being ditched by Charlie. She tells us of the fateful September 01 and the several days of heartache, headache of looking for Joe hoping that he is alive, which eventually he was found to be but he had lost his head, literally speaking!

It’s the story of Golan the pedo.

The story of Arthur, a fine gentleman with an eye for detail, a good man all the same.

It’s the story of Nancy her aunt, a lovely person by all means.

It’s the story of Jenny Penny her best friend who ends up in a jail for the murder of her abusive husband. You should read the story of how things transpired that fateful evening. Fortunately for us and for her, she was released from prison and the two friends reunite.

It’s the story of Alan, their faithful driver, a former criminal[we don’t know his crime], his son Alan Jr and the granddaughter Alana[the parents expected a boy].

She tells the story of her one night steamy sex on one night after the disappearance of her brother. The scene is graphic, very graphic and well written.

She tells us the story of Ginger, her singing and her cancer and most of all her big heart.

And finally, though I should have started with this, she tells the story of her father a non believer whose non belief is rocked twice. The first time he says he prayed to win the lottery which he did and which allowed them to move to a more serene neighbourhood. The next time is when his son, Joe, can’t be found for almost a week after September 11.

I don’t want to take your desire to read the book by telling you everything that she wrote, so go here and read the book. You will thank me 😛