About the Christians

In our ongoing serialization of the arguments of Celsus against the Christians, I bring to your notice what he writes about those who become Christians.

What is said by a few who are considered as Christians, concerning the doctrine of Jesus and the precepts of Christianity, is not designed for the wiser but for the more unlearned and ignorant part of mankind. For the following are their precepts; let no one who is erudite accede to us, no one who is wise, no one who is prudent [for these things are thought by us to be evil] but let anyone who is unlearned, who is stupid, who is an infant in understanding boldly come to us.

A question for believers

You may well be aware that many people, believers especially, like to cherry pick bible passages to confirm their biases. This is achieved sometimes by just quoting a part of the verse.

Pastors are oft heard to quote god as saying

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee

while omitting

I have appointed thee a prophet unto the nations.


Now the word of Jehovah came unto me, saying,….

While it is very evident from the particular verse, it is addressed to a specific person and in this case Jeremiah[ Jer1: 4-5] that there is no way it can be applied to any other person apart from him, many Christians and their pastors have always taken the first portion quoted above to refer to them and has sometimes been used in the abortion debate as a reason to not legalise abortion.

Allow me to digress, whereas am not for legalising abortion in the sense that, since, it is a matter of personal choice, no one has a right either by law or by any other means to say what the woman in question should or should not do with her life. If any legislation is to be passed, it is only those that ensure that abortion is available on demand in a healthy and sterile environment.

My question, especially to those who think the words of Jeremiah refer to them and others, do they think this is true for children conceived through rape? If yes, do they accept that their god intended for the particular in the case to be raped so as to conceive?

If a child is born with deformities that without an operation, they are likely not to last a week out of the hospital, did god intend this to be the case? Does he care about the trauma the parents will go through following such a loss?

If a father makes her daughter pregnant or in the case of those women who a few years back had been kidnapped and held in a basement by an Austrian man who had children with them, is it that this is how god had intended this children to be brought to this world.

If we as humans find some of the scenes described above abhorrent, why would anyone think that a god who allows them to take place is a good god? How can the word good still have meaning when describing such a god?