How should we treat religions?

What do you think?

Enquiries on Atheism

How should we treat religions?  Should they be given special permissions, such as tax exemptions?  Should they be permitted to use illegal substances?

I contend that religions, being peddlers of lies- that is that a god exists and that this god created us to be his slaves and is waiting to punish murderers, rapists and politicians for eternity in a future existence, if they don’t repent before their demise- need no special permissions especially tax exemptions.

On the use of illegal substances, whatever they are- I would advice against their abuse but not use. If it is possible to remain in a state of sobriety and alertness, by all means, go ahead and this should apply across the board. War on drugs doesn’t benefit us. They have users in prison instead of rehabs. It has led to many senseless killings in order to control territories. In most places, the police…

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On the origins of gods

I have before written here that I think gods, whatever they are, were created as a result of two things; ignorance and fear of the unknown. I think this view explains quite conclusively why every time members of our race are ignorant of a cause, they make a god responsible.

In the Naked Ape, which am currently reading, D. Morris suggests that we created a god/ gods to fill the vacant position of a tribal tyrant as we evolved from our common primate ancestor. He writes

in a behavioural sense, religious activities consist of the coming together of large groups of people to perform repeated and prolonged submissive displays to appease a dominant individual.

[…]from our ancient background there remained a need for an all-powerful figure who could keep the group under control and the vacancy was filled by the invention of a god.

He continues to comment on why religion has been so successful where he writes

it is surprising that religion has been so successful, but its extreme potency is simply a measure of the strength of our fundamental biological tendency, inherited directly from our monkey and ape ancestors, to submit ourselves to an all-powerful dominant member of the group.

He writes

because of this, religion has proved immensely valuable as a device for aiding social cohesion.

What are your thoughts on the above?