How should we treat religions?

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Enquiries on Atheism

How should we treat religions?  Should they be given special permissions, such as tax exemptions?  Should they be permitted to use illegal substances?

I contend that religions, being peddlers of lies- that is that a god exists and that this god created us to be his slaves and is waiting to punish murderers, rapists and politicians for eternity in a future existence, if they don’t repent before their demise- need no special permissions especially tax exemptions.

On the use of illegal substances, whatever they are- I would advice against their abuse but not use. If it is possible to remain in a state of sobriety and alertness, by all means, go ahead and this should apply across the board. War on drugs doesn’t benefit us. They have users in prison instead of rehabs. It has led to many senseless killings in order to control territories. In most places, the police…

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14 thoughts on “How should we treat religions?

  1. How should we treat religions? Like any other contagious disease.


  2. ladysighs says:

    How should we treat religions? You wouldn’t even get a unified answer from the religious.
    Strangle it, suffocate it. Put it in a bag and toss in the river. Starve it. Hang it from the old oak tree.

    😦 I watched a few gory movies this weekend.
    🙂 But those methods did the job pretty efficiently. None of the intended came back from the grave.


  3. Tarnished says:

    While I’m glad that my own religion has fairly recently attained tax-exempt status, I’ve always been confused as to why it’s needed at all. What exactly is the point? The Gods are all around us (if they exist), so it’s not like a building or temple is required for religious services to take place. Heck, when I pray, 90% of the time it’s outside!

    Anyone here know why religions are given this special treatment when it’s undeserved for the most part?


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