The author of this post, Cornell, is my friend whom we have met before on this blog.

My friend believes the bible is true, so he starts his post thus

I can’t help but think that the people in the Old Testament had it easy when it came to hearing from God. At least then, God would speak directly and audibly through the prophets.

and he says the bible confirms it! How sweet.

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways[ Hebrew 1:1]

I think it is not that a god, whatever you designate god to be, spoke to this people but that they thought a god spoke to them. He says,

But today, at least for me, it seems not so easy to know God’s will on the non-moral choices in life.

and we are left wondering on which choices does he hear the will of god? We could end this post here, by saying, as was said centuries ago, that in worshiping god, man adores himself so that whatever he calls god’s will is really his will sugar coated to give it credence and maybe make god responsible for seeing it through.

Please tell me, if this isn’t what happened even to the bible authors

When [most]Christians today speak about hearing from God, apart from the Bible, they are mainly referring to “impressions” on their hearts and minds, “thoughts and ideas”, hindsight and maybe the words of another human being.

Is there a time in history when this hasn’t been the case. Whenever a person says god spoke to me, they have always meant to say what they think their god would want them to say and this is always in line with what they want.

I wish, instead of stopping at

The next time someone tells you “God told me…” or “God led me to…”, do not always assume God spoke to them audibly as He did to Elijah. Prod that statement

he would extend the demand to anyone who mentioned a god. That this statement be prodded. Maybe he would just help his fellow men.

As many people have said elsewhere, there seem to be a disconnect between what believers think of what their god does and what the rest of us think would be the priorities of a god the believer describes. We are told

At least Benjamin Wambugu does. He recalls how he thought God was leading Him into pastoral ministry by providing for Him through His undergraduate theological education. Everyone thought he was going to be a pastor.  ”Through His servants, [God] spoke to me clearly, that He needed me to go to Bible school,” says Benjamin.

And one is left to wonder what really goes in the mind of such an egotist. There are enough pastors already, why would god want more? Isn’t it time god started ensuring there were no kids dying from starvation or at least intervened in some of the wars that end in death by the thousands! Just asking.

And the things the believer prays for!

 Roseanne did not always consider, let alone plan, to be a pastor’s wife. But when she met and befriended a handsome man who had a passion for God, she had to deal with and accept the reality of being a pastor’s wife.

Maybe I should pray, but to who now? and to ask for what?

Am a bit confused at this point. What does the brother mean when he writes

We do not need extra-biblical voices to discern God’s will over right and wrong. But when it comes to choosing between right and left, God speaks to us in amazing and often unexpected ways.

and do they have such a low opinion about our ability to discern those things that are a threat to the survival of our species that only when they are told it has been said by a god they would consider it. I am truly waiting for the day the christian shall follow the over 600 rules and directives as outlined in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Maybe that way we will all agree that man doesn’t use his reason but takes all her instruction from a god.

I honestly would wish my friend applied his reason to think about what he writes and to note how ridiculous it does sound to an observer.

Where is the lord leading you

Where is the lord leading you to?

Religion in Kenyan schools

I don’t write a lot about religion in our schools. I think I have mentioned at one point or other that even though most of our schools are public schools funded and staffed by tax payers money, most are usually associated with some sect or other.

I have been made aware of a school where a problem is brewing and yours truly would wish that this matter end up in court to rule on the matter and that they should free schools of religion. I never really enjoyed most of the Sundays in high school; we use to have such boring preachers, I thought I would die before the service ended and the choir used to sing so badly I doubt if they would be allowed into a heaven if any existed! I think they would bore anyone to death by just trying to sing.

I find the case has been presented so well there is little for me to add.

One religion demands to manage the dining hall. Sausages and bacon cannot be served. Utensils should only be used for food approved by that religion. Meals must be prepared in the prescribed manner, by approved staff and served in accordance to the religious calendar.

Another religion wants to control the routine of the school. To determine days and times learning, exams and sports can be held; when the day starts, what can or cannot be done and when and how the school should worship.

Another desires to determine the running of the chapel by deciding who can lead, preach, or pray. Women should not be allowed near the front or even to stand in chapel. The traditionalists even claim that circumcised boys should not be instructed by women.

Others are determined to control medical care in the school. They forbid the school nurse from attending to students of their faith or taking them to hospital. A boy collapsed and the school had to call Western Kenya for instruction. The father insisted he would arrive the next day to attend to the situation according to his faith.

Go read it!

We naked apes, are still animals

In the last chapter of Naked Ape, Morris writes, and I agree with him that

despite all our technological advances, we are still very much a simple biological phenomenon.

He continues to write

Despite our grandiose ideas and our lofty self conceits, we are still humble animals, subject to all the basic laws of animal behaviour.

Before you hang me, he also writes

we are an extraordinary species and I do not wish to deny it, or belittle us.