Religion in Kenyan schools

I don’t write a lot about religion in our schools. I think I have mentioned at one point or other that even though most of our schools are public schools funded and staffed by tax payers money, most are usually associated with some sect or other.

I have been made aware of a school where a problem is brewing and yours truly would wish that this matter end up in court to rule on the matter and that they should free schools of religion. I never really enjoyed most of the Sundays in high school; we use to have such boring preachers, I thought I would die before the service ended and the choir used to sing so badly I doubt if they would be allowed into a heaven if any existed! I think they would bore anyone to death by just trying to sing.

I find the case has been presented so well there is little for me to add.

One religion demands to manage the dining hall. Sausages and bacon cannot be served. Utensils should only be used for food approved by that religion. Meals must be prepared in the prescribed manner, by approved staff and served in accordance to the religious calendar.

Another religion wants to control the routine of the school. To determine days and times learning, exams and sports can be held; when the day starts, what can or cannot be done and when and how the school should worship.

Another desires to determine the running of the chapel by deciding who can lead, preach, or pray. Women should not be allowed near the front or even to stand in chapel. The traditionalists even claim that circumcised boys should not be instructed by women.

Others are determined to control medical care in the school. They forbid the school nurse from attending to students of their faith or taking them to hospital. A boy collapsed and the school had to call Western Kenya for instruction. The father insisted he would arrive the next day to attend to the situation according to his faith.

Go read it!


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18 thoughts on “Religion in Kenyan schools

  1. john zande says:

    Two questions. 1) Why is there a P.O Box on the schools insignia? 2) Why don’t they know the number of said P.O Box?


  2. Sonel says:

    I agree Mak. So many children are put down by other kids because of their religion. Religions belong in churches for those who believe – not in schools. It’s like Songisongi said on the article : Religion is destroying many things besides alliance.


  3. mixedupmeme says:

    When does anybody have time to teach anything or learn anything? They are too busy trying to accommodate all the nonsense beliefs.
    Of course it might be a good place to teach as the teacher would not have to make any lesson plans. Just sit back and watch.


  4. Real real me says:

    Hahaha, some people would say you were jealous to those singers, that’s how things are in our society…
    I admire to your sense of humor.


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