Answering atheism: Not really

It seems every theist is trying to answer atheists and each of them think they have the one argument that is going to make atheists convert to their chosen brand of belief. Well, maybe atheists are doing the same thing as am doing here now. Believers, and especially Paulines and Katliks have heard enough time to make their arguments. Am not saying atheists haven’t heard the same opportunity, well, there was a time not so long ago when heresy was punishable by death or something close and still is if you live in a country where they follow Mohammed[please be onto him] then the punishment for apostasy is death.

And since yours truly is feeling lazy, take twenty minutes of your time and listen to this trope. Someone tell me, how many WLCs exist or are there clones?

Am hoping this fellow will tell us what god is before they can tell us why a god is a necessary being.

The argument that god is a necessary being tells us nothing about what god is or its nature. Further as Hume rightly points out in dialogues of natural religion

The words necessary existence, have no meaning; or, which is the same thing, none that is consistent.

The PSR that this fellow quotes does not help his case. The first rule can be stated as

everything must have a reason or cause.

and to come from here to my god is uncaused is first to be involved in special pleading and also to contradict the PSR which the person started with as his argument. We say, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

Since we have discussed Divine Command Theory, we will not talk about morality in this post. We however will say that theists need to really start reading sophisticated atheist arguments before they can comment on it… no we don’t mean that at all.

Now go and waste your time listening and you can use the comments section to express your anger at my making you listen to such trope 😀

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31 thoughts on “Answering atheism: Not really

  1. john zande says:

    “Necessary Existence” always makes me giggle.

    Is Trent Horn, Debilis?


  2. fojap says:

    As I’ve said elsewhere, many of these people don’t really want to convert atheists so much as they want to keep doubters within the fold. They make it pretty clear at the beginning. Even if you were to accept all his arguments, that only leaves you with the idea that there is a very big “thing.” It doesn’t make it anything that many people would call a god. It doesn’t even rise to the level of a sentient universe. It’s just a thing about which we have no explanation other than having reasoned that there is a thing there.

    The moral argument, well, I’m of the opinion that there is no eternal, unchanging morality. What it there was no life on earth. Is there a morality that applies to stars and planets and the rest of the universe absent life?


    • makagutu says:

      I don’t think they address atheists but are trying to keep those in the faith right where they are but convincing them that the arguments for the atheists have been refuted.

      I am with you on no unchanging, eternal morality. Morality makes no sense in the absence of sentient beings living in a social group


      • Mordanicus says:

        It’s a kind of psychological ritual, repeating that atheism has been refuted, and if done long enough they will believe it themselves, and hence there would be no further reason to question their own believes.


      • paarsurrey says:

        @ makagutu

        “I don’t think they address atheists but are trying to keep those in the faith right where they are but convincing them that the arguments for the atheists have been refuted.”

        I think it is the same with the Atheists; they don’t give any arguments that the “One-True-God” does exist; they want to keep the doubters in their folds.


        • makagutu says:

          I think it is the same with the Atheists; they don’t give any arguments that the “One-True-God” does exist; they want to keep the doubters in their folds.

          If we continue in this way, I may just loose my patience. What the fuck is one true god? Are there false ones and how do you differentiate between them?


  3. keithnoback says:

    God is a necessary being because we need him, when we need him.
    I keep asking the same things you do: What are these guys really talking about – an omnipresent, atemporal being who exhibits subjectivity and intentionality? How does that work? I never get an answer…


  4. “everything must have a reason or cause.”

    Since there is no qualification in this statement about what constitutes a “reason” or “cause,” then anything is equatable including beliefs, mythology, and superstition. How convenient!


  5. My favorite new quip: “it really makes sense if you don’t think about it.”


  6. Ron says:

    The just don’t seem to get it. An argument unaccompanied by facts (i.e. empirical evidence in support of said argument) is just an assertion.

    And why are Christians publishing yet another book to “prove” their case? I thought that faith alone was sufficient reason. Didn’t Jesus say, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”?


  7. paarsurrey says:

    @ makagutu
    Who is a Katlik? Please


  8. aguywithoutboxers says:

    If a deity is so important and necessary, then shouldn’t the advocates of the deity’s existence devote a little time and develop an original argument in favor of their belief? This doesn’t appear to be the case here. Please feel better soon, my friend! 🙂


    • makagutu says:

      They should also live like a god exists, especially the one they believe in. Paulines should be selling off their property, not getting married and so one and well the Muslims should be busy converting everyone through whatever means available to them just to name a few


  9. foolsmusings says:

    The argument is absurd, if the universe cant exist without a creator, then how is it that a creator can exist without a creator.


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