Why not vote for an atheist political candidate

You must know our friend Violet who is the chief lurker. On her blog, she had linked to a blog that in my first reading I thought is satire but it seems the author believes the stories he writes. One such case appears in his comments, in a discussion they are having with Violet and I think it deserves a post of its own. So here we go.

He writes

If you had read the article, you will see that I wrote that the atheist view is that life is meaningless

which I don’t think is true for all atheists besides, atheism is about belief in gods or rather non belief. Whether life has meaning or not is a question that is open to debate for everyone, theist or atheist.

To go ahead and say

 Fear of death is their main motivation

implies a contradiction. Why would a person who sees this life as the only life we got and has no fears about a netherworld fear death. The atheist I think to a great extent has come to terms with death. I have and as long as am alive, I know death is not. I think about death once in a while but I doesn’t frighten me. What frightens is how I will die. It is dying that I fear, not death. You see I don’t want to drown to my death- so painful or burn to death. I want to die in my sleep peacefully in old age.

It doesn’t follow that since

the amount of time the human race is here doesn’t really matter, because there is nothing on the other side,

there is

nothing to work for.

On the contrary all of us must play their role. For some the duration is a few minutes for some they have the stage for several decades. But what each person must do is to play their part while on stage and not complain that their period was short. You may still get an award for the best supporting actress, you never know!

So when he asks and answers the question below

 So why bother doing anything at all? Why? Well, because death is too scary to contemplate.

He gets it all wrong. Why do anything at all, because to not do anything is not any different to not have lived.

It is wrong again to conclude that our attempts at storing our memories as in science fiction is driven by fear, fear of death. I would want to hazard a guess that if there is any fear, then it is of mortality. To not be there in future and as such even storing our memories doesn’t save us from that but it allows those who come after us to have a peak into the lives of those who went before them. It is a way of living a lasting legacy behind. It is a way of getting to be remembered.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is insane. To assert shamelessly that

the left-wing side of public thought tends to favour death, tends to favour the opposite of procreation.

ignores the facts. The left prefers that there is proper sex education to help reduce unwanted pregnancies. The left promotes better health for women. The left desires that if children be born, they should live in dignity. The pro births, because that’s what they really are, do not think anything beyond birth. The next time they think about you is when they want you to join the army and fight for a cause that you don’t know about.

I will further say here that to write

 They are anti-life, and that’s one reason I got out of the left.

is to ignore that Christianity/ Paulinity is a death cult. To them the world is soon ending or rather has been ending for the last 2K years and you shouldn’t marry, you should ignore your parents, siblings and you know what else- they are in the bible- just check. It is religion that is anti-life. They want to go to heaven and its never fast enough!

It is a gross misunderstanding to claim

the left like abortions, they like euthanasia, they like divorces, they like drugs, they like the idea of making marriage be about sexual attraction and personal pleasure, rather than procreation

for this would imply those religionists don’t divorce. Advocating for euthanasia is not a liking of a death but a desire that a man shall in dignity as he has lived. And each person should know that when the time comes for them to go because their lives are no longer dignified, then they should have recourse to a dignified way of quitting. People have married for various reasons and for one to think that the only motivation is procreation, is to be ignorant of the lives of most people.

I must say that this is the most ridiculous statement in the whole post. To claim that the left

like the idea of stifling enterprise, they like welfare a little too much. They are not so fond of economic growth.

And only a fool would say something of this nature!

He takes a tangent and tells us

Now on the contrary, ‘Jesus is life’. Ask any Christian

How would an imaginary being be life? What does this statement mean? Is he saying to be alive is to be Jesus?

He says

Moreover, when I look at Christians, regardless of whether one thinks their beliefs are foolish or not, they seem happy, full of life, joy, productive, industrious, humble.

Most Paulinians I know are worried about the afterlife. If they aren’t they live just like me. They remember their god when they are in shit and just when they hit the jackpot. The rest of the time, their beliefs make little difference in their lives, well apart from trying to make me a Pauline. To say that only believers are industrious, full of life, productive ignores the truth of so many atheists in every sphere of life who are innovative, industrious, humble and full of life. I suggest he should meet me.

In which way is asking

 “Assuming this isn’t a satire”

a show of anger? Don’t you think this guy projects too much. Violet asked a valid question. There is no anger in the question and to say she asks this question in anger because atheism offers nothing apart from death is to misrepresent her.

He tells my friend that

Atheism is not attractive. It’s about death. It’s about mocking others, which is about the hollowest, most egotistical way to ‘make oneself feel better’; something which appeals to the kind of infantile, hypersensitive egos that populate the school playground and are called ‘bullies’. Atheism offers nothing

which is interesting. You see, atheism need not be attractive as long as it is true. That’s the thing about truth. Atheism is about lack of belief in gods. Unless god is death, then and only then can it be about death. And no it ain’t about mocking others. Christians do that themselves every time they say they believe in a talking snake, a talking donkey, fish transport, cursing of fig trees and much more. They don’t need our help in doing that. All we do is to point out that the believes are ridiculous and that the believer should examine why they believe and if this is mockery, am guilty as charged. And no, am not a bully. Atheism offers nothing. It shouldn’t offer anything. It answers to what I don’t believe in. Nothing more nothing less.

And we will not tire to tell the believer that the gospels are anonymous and can’t be taken as historical accounts. That they can’t keep writing statements such

 the four gospels and the book of Acts — the foundation of Christianity, the whole reason it exists, is that Jesus returned from the dead and people said that they saw him.

and think they would go unchallenged. There is no named individual other than those who were claimed to be disciples who so Jesus when he came from the zombie world. None. Zilch. Zero. If you know of anyone, who wasn’t an associate of Jesus and this person saw him when he arose, please name him/ her. It is important to add here the religion we have going by the name Christianity is for all intents and purpose, Pauline both in theology and practice.

And this is a stupid question

They are said to have gone to their deaths because of their conviction that they saw Jesus alive after he had died. Do you think Christianity would exist as it is if there was a grave in Jerusalem with Jesus’ name on the headstone?

Simply because it is evident that Christianity didn’t a Jesus in the first place.

My friends tell me, there are more ridiculous posts on this blog and John says this Australian should move to America, I will stop here. You can visit the blog to be entertained, that is if you can stomach a little bit of crazy.

Have a pleasant week everyone.