lazy post and some news

First the good news. Am away from my comp and will not be in a position to visit your blogs till Monday. I may from time to time respond to comments.


To the bizarre, a fellow has just told us his god makes the sun rise and sets. If wherever you are the sun delays a bit, this god is busy with it, this is a heads up.


If you are an ODM party member and are reading this, tell the powers that I be that I have volunteered to be party leader for just 1 year.


While in a van today, I eavesdropped on several conversations. These ladies were sitting behind me in the van and one says she contracted malaria after being rained on. And she says it was the first rain and these are known to be bad! Am just reporting so don’t hang me. Another was narrating a story of some man who was attempting to seduce her. She says if she is to leave her current husband, the prospective candidate must in the bare minimum excel her husband in almost every field or there is no discussion.


I don’t like cops.


End of laziness. See you all good people soon.