God and the problem of evil

Problem of evil revisited

Enquiries on Atheism

Many atheists contend that the problem of evil demonstrates God’s non-existence, or that he’s malevolent and/or impotent.  How does that follow?  Christians maintain that Freewill is the reason for evil, and Freewill is the product of the Divine.  If God does not exist, evil would not exist because objective moral values do not exist. So, evil proves God’s existence.

Many atheists contend, and rightly, that evil is not consistent with a benevolent, omniscient and omnipotent god. Further, we argue that given what we observe, it is more rational to conclude that  god[s] do not exist.

How does it follow? Easy answer.

Assume you powerful, not omnipotent, just powerful and you see someone in the act of sexually abusing another, would you let them continue? If no, why not? It has been argued by apologists that god has a reason unknown to us why he permits such evil to occur. I call it bunk…

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