Who needs god

Here is a piece on the necessity of atheism that I would suggest each of you read.

Most people, who mention the first cause argument by Aristotle, ignore the point that he, Aristotle, chose to have just one cause for simplicity but says in his works there could be up to 56[?] causes. The believer must accept the possibility of there being many first causes.

I love Camus and his book the Myth of Sisyphus where he deals with the question of suicide. A very interesting read.

Now, go read the piece.

Who needs god?

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13 thoughts on “Who needs god

  1. (Mak, what’s below is not addressed to you, but to the original post’s author)

    “There are three kinds of arguments that an atheist can make in defence of the insistence that no God exists.” I won’t read more than this. I’m done. This person’s an idiot. “A-theists INSIST no god exists.” No. We can’t INSIST Tinkerbell doesn’t exist nor can we INSIST no god exists. Show me evidence of the god YOU claim does exist, and I’ll be thrilled to believe you. Evidence of god is god. Let’s hang out. Evidence of space aliens leaving circles in corn fields is an alien or a ship. I DO NOT BLOODY INSIST GODS CAN NOT EXIST!!! You say they or yours does. OK. Show me evidence. At least fucking learn my position before imposing what you say it is and then create bullshit arguments around you fantasy. Your ignorance, and your blatantly rude stupidity are insulting. Go home and tell your Mommy you need an Old Testament style ass strapping for wasting the time of a few grown ups.


  2. john zande says:

    Damn, this is the third time i’ve sen this today. Good. It’s an excellent piece.


  3. Mordanicus says:

    Also Aristotle did not imply that those first causes should be worshiped or were the source of morality.


  4. People even today create many gods. Look how they idols persons and things. How many male and female gods does this world not have, Britney Spears, George Clooney, Madonna, Maradonna, etc.?


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