A vain Grecian who annoyed their sensibilities by becoming too powerful, got himself ostracized had to run for his dear lives first to those he had treated badly and finally to Xerxes or his son [the biographer is not certain] who he had defeated in war. Such was his desperation.

He saved the Athenians from the Persians by uniting all or most of the Greek cities, helped end the civil wars among them, encouraged the Athenians to invest in marine warfare which at the decisive moment saved them from being overran by the Persians.

He decided to take his life instead of being of assistance to the Persians on their expedition against the Greeks which gained him much respect from the King of Persia who was taken aback by the Greeks for they send away the bravest among them.

And that my friends is where we stop with his story.

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8 thoughts on “Themistocles

  1. Liberty of Thinking says:

    Vain Greek? You don’t tell me?!


    • makagutu says:

      He had an obsession with power, but had a sense of humour too. He’s quoted as saying to his son

      You are the man with the most power. I command the Athenians, the Athenians command the Greeks, your mother commands me and you command your mother.


  2. fojap says:

    I just love classical history. I’m really enjoying your summaries.


  3. Eric Alagan says:

    He ran to the Persians whom he helped defeat. What was he hoping to achieve —


  4. paarsurrey says:

    All agreeing and praising what you write.


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