Government wage bill

No, this is not the name of the next noble Grecian or Roman, but it is a topic that’s on almost everyone’s lips in the country at the moment before we move to the next scandal. There always are scandals. Maybe that’s how governments are run. We have laptop scandal, light gauge railway soon if it isn’t a scandal as yet and others that I am unaware of because I don’t watch news and so on.

The Auditor General has returned the government balance sheet and he tells us the government wage bill stands at 52% of the GDP. Am no economist and will not talk as one but I think this is beyond absurd. I have always said we fucked ourselves when in the struggle for a new constitution and decentralization of government, we let emotions run amok than reason. We created several offices but it was never thought where the money to pay them was going to come from. Now shit has hit the fan and something must be done and do urgently.

My first solution would be to abolish the national assembly and keep the senate. I would suggest the 47 counties be reduced by half or more. Redundant offices like those of permanent secretaries be abolished. Cut down on non essential travel for government officers. All government retreats for lack of a better word to be held at institutions run by the government and where possible cut down on these useless retreats. Arrest corruption. Work on the cost of doing business, interest rates and efficient revenue collection and allocation. I would not suggest firing civil servants as this may be counter productive. It may lead to higher unemployment and this increases the burden of those who remain in employment further stagnating the economy. Instead, the government must rationalize the pays of all civil servants. This requires courage and foresight.

I have often said that whereas the idea of a devolved government was timely especially in view of the neglect of some areas by the successive regimes. It was hoped that by devolving funds and governance to the people, there would be some change in terms of developed that the office bearers would, being residents of the various counties, attend to the more pressing issues. This hasn’t been the case. In almost all of the counties, the first order of the day for the new office holders was to get themselves 4×4 at our expense.

We have created a society where we pay a few idiots so much money to do so little and tax the workmen so much that they have nothing else left to spend. Those who have argued in attempt to justify the high salaries earned by the commissioners, mpigs and members of the executive is so that they are above being bribed and I wished this was the case. Unfortunately, we hear of reports of corruption involving this same officials.

I have a bigger question though and one that may be seen as quite naive but requires to be given a lot of thought. The state employs a cabinet secretary and pays him a huge salary, buys him a car and gives him a fat allowance. My boss employs me, pays me enough to get going and I buy myself a car. Why do we buy these fuckers cars, fuel it for them, give them huge allowances and they still offer us nothing?

I will digress a bit. In classical Greek and Rome, a man or woman was distinguished or honoured by the state for exemplary service. We pay men and women so much money, treat them as demigods for doing a shitty job! How mad can we be? I think the majority of the population both educated and uneducated are fools to let this go on for the duration it has been!

The two clowns at the top decided that to arrest the wage bill, they will take a 20% pay cut. This to me is serious bullshit. This idiots drive around in convoys of over 10 cars causing traffic jams in their wake. They spend n magnitude more money on travel and so called meetings that would make the 20% cut a drop in the ocean. These clowns and their advisers must give us a blue print on how they intend to arrest the wage bill both in the short term and long term. A pay cut for a few of them is naught. To demand that public servants also take the pay cut is insane. How would they survive? Are prices of commodities going down by the same percentage? Is the government going to bring down the cost of finance by ensuring banks do not charge interest rates above 4% points the rate they borrow money from CBK at worst? What about the cost of fuel/ energy?

In a post I wrote sometime last year, I did q uestion the rationale of having permanent secretaries and cabinet secretaries if both these posts are non elective and executive? Why duplicate duties. We have standing commissions I don’t know for what that keep drawing large salaries.

What are the fellows at the ministry of finance and planning doing? How do they justify their salaries?And who advises the clown on the hill anyway? Something is seriously amiss and it needs to be addressed sooner.

End of rant.

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Nietzsche on Morality

Let us finally consider how naive it is altogether to say: “Man ought to be such and such!” Reality shows us an enchanting wealth of types, the abundance of a lavish play and change of forms–and some wretched loafer of a moralist comments: “No! Man ought to be different.” He even knows what man should be like, this wretched bigot and prig: he paints himself on the wall and comments, “Ecce homo!” But even when the moralist addresses himself only to the single human being and says to him, “You ought to be such and such!” he does not cease to make himself ridiculous. The single human being is a piece of fatum from the front and from the rear, one law more, one necessity more for all that is yet to come and to be. To say to him, “Change yourself!” is to demand that everything be changed, even retroactively. And indeed there have been consistent moralists who wanted man to be different, that is, virtuous–they wanted him remade in their own image, as a prig: to that end, they negated the world! No small madness! No modest kind of immodesty!

Morality, insofar as it condemns for its own sake, and not out of regard for the concerns, considerations, and contrivances of life, is a specific error with which one ought to have no pity–an idiosyncrasy of degenerates which has caused immeasurable harm

We others, we immoralists, have, conversely, made room in our hearts for every kind of understanding, comprehending, and approving. We do not easily negate; we make it a point of honor to be affirmers. More and more, our eyes have opened to that economy which needs and knows how to utilize everything that the holy witlessness of the priest, the diseased reason in the priest, rejects–that economy in the law of life which finds an advantage even in the disgusting species of the prigs, the priests, the virtuous. What advantage? But we ourselves, we immoralists, are the answer.

Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols