still on this resurrection debacle

As to the account given of his resurrection and ascension, it was the necessary counterpart of his birth. His historians having brought him into the world in a supernatural manner, were obliged to take him out again in the same manner, or the first part of the story must have fallen to the ground. The wretched contrivance with which this latter part is told exceeds every thing that went before it. The first part, that of the miraculous conception, was not a thing that admitted of publicity, and therefore the tellers of this part of the story had this advantage, that though they might not be credited, they could not be detected…. But the resurrection of a dead person from the grave, and his ascension through the air, is a thing very different as to the evidence it admits of, to the invisible conception of a child in the womb. The resurrection and ascension, supposing them to have taken place, admitted of public and ocular demonstration, like that of the ascension of a balloon, or the sun at noon-day, to all Jerusalem at least. A thing which everybody is required to believe, requires that the proof and evidence of it should be equal to all, and universal; and as the public visibility of this last related act was the only evidence that could give sanction to the former part, the whole of it falls to the ground, because that evidence never was given…. It is in vain to attempt to palliate or disguise this matter. The story, so far as relates to the supernatural part, has every mark of fraud and imposition stamped upon the face of it. Who were the authors of it is as impossible for us now to know, as it is for us to be assured that the books in which the account is related were written by the persons whose names they bear, the best surviving evidence we now
have respecting this affair is the Jews. They are regularly descended from the people who lived in the times this resurrection and ascension is said to have happened, and they say, it is not true. It has long appeared to me a strange inconsistency to cite the Jews as a proof of the truth of the story. It is just the same as if a man were to say, I will prove the truth of what I have told you by producing the people who say it is false”

Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

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19 thoughts on “still on this resurrection debacle

  1. archaeopteryx1 says:

    The very fact that he allegedly “ascended” into the sky is all of the proof we need of fabrication, as having been all the way to the moon and back, we know something the Gospel authors didn’t – that there’s nothing up there!

    Geometrically speaking, all of the known three dimensions are perpendicular to each other – if you have length, and need to describe width, you need to go perpendicular to length, and for depth, perpendicular again. For Yeshua to have really returned to this spiritual place called, “Heaven,” it would have been more scientifically accurate if he went into another dimension – if you can envision this – perpendicular to the known three! In other words, he would have grown smaller and smaller, until he entirely winked out of sight! Had he done that – something of which no Iron Age author would have any knowledge (but which could have been implanted by an all-knowing god) – at least that would have been believable to readers throughout the ages. But no, it had to be the sky.


    • makagutu says:

      And since Mark is not aware of this resurrection, they all do not agree on how long zombie Jeebus was around after he supposedly left the grave, we can safely assume there was no ascension.


  2. mixedupmeme says:

    Just how many resurrections/Easters have there been? One would think it would have all be hashed over and the fairy dust settled by now.
    But no, every year the same old up up and away story reappears. 😦


  3. aguywithoutboxers says:

    I was all set to comment on the entire resurrection/ascension myth when I began to read the observation on the Easter Bunny. He’s furry, he’s cute and, most importantly, he’s innocent of all this deception. They didn’t mention all this controversy when he had the job interview!

    Seriously, my Nairobi brother, an excellent and timeless assessment of the whole rebirth and departure legend. It has always been my contention that if the same people who created the story in the first place rejected the myth, then why should anyone else believe it? The Jewish people invented the tale of a “coming savior,” then condemned him and discredited the whole resurrection fable. If they were as desperate under Roman rule as they would have us believe, then why didn’t more of them change their belief system?

    Welcome back, my friend! 🙂


    • archaeopteryx1 says:

      The Jewish people invented the tale of a ‘coming savior,’ then condemned him and discredited the whole resurrection fable.

      Not exactly – the Jewish Messiah was to have been a warrior, on the order of King David, who would overthrow the occupying forces d’jour and lead the Israelites to victory, not some pathetic rabbi who got himself crucified.


    • makagutu says:

      Thank you thank you!

      I mean the guy resurrects and wanders in the streets for 40 days depending on who you read and does not find it worthwhile to visit any of the philosophers of the age so they could have an opportunity to question him.


  4. Shelldigger says:

    I looked into Paine’s history a while back after a Quote of the Month. I found it very interesting, and still wonder why he isn’t mentioned in the same circles as Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton and Madison. Paine was a contributor to the revolution, overlooked by history.

    I have yet to read the pamphlet this quote came from, putting that on my to do list.


    • makagutu says:

      I read his Age of Reason and the Rights of Man and I don’t understand why it has been safe to wipe him from the history of your nation while his contribution was so immense.


  5. NikkiJR says:

    Of course the Jews deny it. They are lead yet again; by false religious teachers who are power hungry, and greedy.
    Ones who pervert the very teachings they claim. This is and has been a repeat problem since Israel was lead out of Egypt, and governed by pretenders. The example: the golden bull worship after Moses left to get the ten commands.
    Anytime they had a righteous leader (political and religious), one who worshipped Yahweh alone, they prospered.

    Anytime they had a rebel leader; they fell by the hands of their enemies and became oppressed by opposing nations.

    Same story over and over. A prophet wasn’t sent to the people unless they were lead by such men. Then Yahweh would send them a messenger to reveal the truth, and warn them of their actions. All was done so that they could choose to return to Yahweh, and continue prospering.

    Yahshua is a prophet, and so was John the Baptist, and every apostle in the NT. True prophets had to prove themselves, and false prophets were easily sniffed out. More on this later…


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