A question for believers

I hope there are enough of you who visit this blog.

Mathew writes

All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive[ 21:22]

And at the same time you believe the god you believe in is omniscient and all loving. Is it possible that either he doesn’t care, it his will that shit happens to you and you are offending s/h/it by asking for the problem to be taken away or worse still, you are suggesting that this god you believe in could have been wrong and you want them to chair their mind?

In brief, am asking why pray?

What is Mary’s relationship to Jesus

I will give you a guide

1. If he was born of Mary, she was his mother.
2. She “being with child by the Holy Ghost,” and Father, Son and Holy Ghost being one, she bore to him the relation of wife.
3. God being the Father of all mankind, and God and Christ being one, she was his daughter.
4. She being the daughter of God, and Christ being the Son of God, she was therefore his sister.

The Christ by Remsburg