Did Jesus exist

Our good friend the Ark wrote this and it occurred to me to ask a very pertinent question. At what point in the history of the church did the gospel authors get the title saint? I don’t think anyone writing would have called himself St Mathew.

I don’t understand this inspiration business. Since the gospel authors do not claim to be witnesses for example Luke 1: 1-4 , how do they claim to know what Jesus thought in some occasions when he was in private? How did they know?

And why should we believe these people? Why should we take them seriously and dismiss the Odyssey with the stories of Minerva. Is not the gospels high fiction where we have a man born of a virgin, hang on a cross and then an empty grave followed by ascension to heaven ensuring there is no scrap of evidence left behind to be considered.

I hope someday someone will come with good enough evidence for the Jesus of the bible. I am unconvinced of his historicity.

And in the words of Moncure D. Conway,

The world has been for a long time engaged in writing lives of Jesus… The library of such books has grown since then. But when we come to examine them, one startling fact confronts us: all of these books relate to a personage concerning whom there does not exist a single scrap of contemporary information — not one! By accepted tradition he was born in the reign of Augustus, the great literary age of the nation of which he was a subject. In the Augustan age historians flourished; poets, orators, critics and travelers abounded. Yet not one mentions the name of Jesus Christ, much less any incident in his life. 

we say we are far from persuaded to believe your stories. And as somebody else wrote, let us leave Jesus in the clouds where he ascended to.