51 years of self governance! Really?

Those who have been visiting this blog for a long time now know that am not a patriot. I cannot be one. I don’t know one can call themselves a patriot for whatever piece of rock they inhabit and not feel bad about themselves. I find religion abhorrent but at least we can say religion was invented by our ignorant forefathers who saw powers greater than them in all things they couldn’t explain. At least we now know a few things and know they are no ghosts or demons behind a bout of malaria. Patriotism on the other hand is a calculated delusion by the ruling class to keep the rest of stupid masses in subservience. They preach patriotism to make you ready to pick up arms at the slightest provocation in the name of defending your borders. How stupid men are!

Last Sunday, the country was celebrating 51 years of self governance. As I have always said, our founding fathers erred at the point they chose Jomo for the first president. He was not equal to the task. There were better and more qualified men and for this I especially find our first vice president culpable. Maybe he saw things differently, but now with history as our guide, it was a mistake.

The second mistake was to have Moi lord over us for 24 years. By the time he was toppled in the election that promised hope to the people, the country had been so polarized along tribal lines, corruption was the order of the day, police harassment was the norm rather than the exception, poverty had reached levels beyond measure and employment had reached such levels that are no longer tenable.

The election of Kibaki, he of I have one wife press briefing, was seen as a harbinger of good tidings. Well, people were fooled, and terribly so. He said one thing and did the exact opposite. In his rein, tribalism was made a god, how christian of our christian nation, people worshiped at its foot. He shamelessly appointed his cronies to government positions regardless of whether they were beyond retirement age as long as they answered to the mother tongue. It is during his time in office that we had the worst psot election crisis ever witnessed in this country and which gave us the current clowns in government. A government of thieves run by thieves! One wonders when will people ever wake up and say enough is enough. We have run away cost of living, unemployment is at an all time high, poverty levels are unspeakable and they shamelessly can pay ghosts billions of shillings. When will the so claimed elite class wake up and realize they have been fucked for so long and it is time we said no, not anymore.

If this isn’t bad enough, that same Sunday, some Kenyans who use twitter had the nerve to tweet that the clown is god’s gift to the country. What level of insanity is this that an educated person who possibly is of the voting age can write such an asinine remark. A clown whose election was contended at the supreme court, and even if it was settled by that not so august house, is still a matter of contention whether those men and women acted judiciously. It is sad and disappointing. I hope that we will leave to future generations a better country.

The offending tweet

and my question

I hope that one day men and women will rise to say no silliness, no patriotism, and no to government servitude in all its forms.