Haters of god

Here we wrote a response to a blockhead who argued that atheists, to make any moral statements, must borrow from the Christian worldview. In that response we told the said nincompoop that if his assertion were correct, then, the Buddhist, the Taoist, The Muslim- basically everyone else- must borrow from the christian worldview to live their lives. It is to claim that exemplary men line the Antonines, Solon, Lycurgus were morally deficient because they were not aware of the fiction called Christ. That men such as Buddha, Lao Tzu and other great moral teachers must have borrowed from Christianity even though they lived several years before this character was developed in the mind of some idle middle easterners.

Today we have the unfortunate chance to meet such a silly person. The said person writes

The thought that anyone is “horrible” comes from the understanding of a moral law, which can only be accounted for by God.

This is such a tired argument and yours truly is truly tired of whipping this dead horse. This fellow must live in a place surrounded only by fellow idiots. It is ok to believe in god. But to argue that the sense of good or bad can only be accounted for by belief in god is moronic. It is to live with your head buried under a sand mould. Were the god of the christian be a source of moral conduct, we would be killing our children for the mistakes of their siblings as atonement, we would drown those who annoyed us and be complicit in the murder of maidservants when the person at fault is the king. How stupid can a person get?

I cannot for the life of me make sense of

 If being wrong isn’t such a thing than truth does not exist in your world and you cannot make any claims at all. Not even that nothing is wrong.

That said however, the question to ask is what is truth. Atheism as has been said several times before by many is a lack of belief in the existence of gods. Question of what is truth is a philosophical question that is open to debate.

This statement here

Your worldview is inconsistent and you borrow from the Christian worldview in order to make some of your claims. I know that you have knowledge of God’s existence because God who knows all things and never lies has communicated that to us in the Bible. I beg you to respond to God’s call and turn from your sins and trust in Christ to forgive you

is not only rude but also condescending. As Atomic mutant said in his comment, it is disrespectful. Atheism makes no claim, at least as far as I can tell unless we call the response that no evidence has been provided for god nor that a god hasn’t been coherently defined a claim. One is an atheist because he has no belief in the existence of god. To think that christianity and the claims it makes are the only truth is to be like a child who thinks her mother is the best cook and their shanty the best house, in short it is to be really ignorant.

Haters of god