The peaceful religion of…


One wonders whether there is the possibility that religion has been redefined to include atheism or are there a section of the society that is so bent on spreading foolishness whenever they get the chance that it is impossible for them to realize the folly in their own statements.

The author tells us

Modern day atheists, at least those who take the time to have blogs, websites, and troll the internet spreading their “faith” are rabid haters and deniers of God

which for all intents is meant as an insult. It is first a claim that there is a god whom we have obstinately decided to hate, that we have a faith, that we are trolls. How are we to respond to such level of stupid?

Let us for a moment grant the believer that there are

rational grounds for religion or belief in any form of deity

could we be told what these are and how, in all that is reasonable,is wrong with challenging religion on the market place of ideas if the adherents think that it is rational to believe in talking donkeys, walking snakes and transporter fish among others.

I must have missed some memo or underground meeting where the resolution to eliminate all forms of dissent was passed. But seriously speaking, please help me, which is dissenting? To punish someone for blasphemy or to ask for the abolition of blasphemy laws?

A question is posed

why are many atheists mean, nasty, despicable people full of hate and loathing of all things religious?

and he/ she tells us

because they know they are wrong and missing out on something their religion can never offer.

Am almost tempted to ask why are so many religious so stupid?

Atheists are people. There are nasty, mean, despicable people and this has nothing to do with their religion or lack of it, and in the words of Steven Weinberg it is important to remember that

Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

The ad hominem attacks continue and we are told we troll the internet because we

have no moral compass


so they can behave however they want without being judged but also, the trolling, mocking, and ridicule are an effort to make themselves appear bigger by making others appear smaller.

We also troll because

Christians can go to bed at night confident in the knowledge that their eternity is secure, atheists can do no such thing.

It is amazing how shallow Christians can be. For most of them it seems there are only two alternatives, atheism or Christianity. How does the christian feel about being in the Muslim hell, or being reborn as a cat or a donkey? Is the chief requirement to being christian that you stop to use the reasoning faculties?

I would be the first to admit that

Their websites, blogs and forums are not only used to spread their message, they are also gathering spots where like-minded people prop each other up

but refuse that this is done with

bogus assurances

but that we

bash religion

whenever its adherents want to force it on our throats or claim privileges on the public square. And no, our arguments have not be debunked for decades. It is the other way round. The believer has made a claim about reality, a claim that a god exists. We have asked to be told what god is and how we can know that it is. This challenge hasn’t been answered since it was first asked. This particular apologist seems to be unaware of this fact.

I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t have

 a God shaped vacuum that cannot be filled with anything but God.

It is true that we

know more about the Bible than many Christians

because we take the time to read it.

I am open to being told what universal truth atheists deny. I don’t know it. I haven’t heard it.

We are told

Atheism has no new ideas

which is interesting especially since atheism deals with one question only and that is about the existence of deities. If the believer is proposing a new conception of god, we are willing to hear what this god is and whether we can be convinced on its existence.

Science, construed broadly, I don’t think ever started as a way to undermine Christianity or religion in general but that this has happened naturally.

I think some apologists live in caves and only come out to use internet. For how would someone write that there

are no fresh discoveries in science, philosophy, or history to undermine Christianity.

I don’t know who goes to their laboratory or lecture theatre with the goal to undermine Christianity. Wouldn’t that be a tiresome way to study inflation models, behaviour of rats, or the history of the Peloponnesian war. To claim that

For years, the intellectual world has added nothing to the old and recycled ideas of Nietzsche, Freud, Marx, or Russell, a problem even Charles Darwin was aware of.

is to be an idiot of the first order. Why would a new idea be necessary if to this date we have  reason to think natural selection explains the progress of life on earth, or that religion is opium of the mass or that the last Christian, if ever there was one, died on the cross? What new thing has religion taught us? What new thing has the Christian revealed to us that is useful to us here? Am patient, I will wait.

We are asked

Would anyone trust the convictions of a monkey’s mind if there are any convictions in such a mind?

And the question we must ask is why not. The monkey has learnt to alert members of the group about danger. Whether you want to call this instinct or cognition is your business. But it makes a right assessment of the situation and acts accordingly. If there is a bigger question to be asked is whether some men have developed cognitive faculties greater than a monkey’s?

No atheist scientist, if there are such, proclaims evolution as the origin of life and I stand to be corrected. Evolution theory describes how life has progressed on our planet. It is wrong on many levels to make such a claim. The first conclusion I can come to is that the author of this post knows zilch about evolution.

The claim that god is the author of meaning, morality, order and logic has been debated for so long and it is a horse that I don’t want to beat in this post.

Here and here are reflections I have written about meaning of life. I think anyone who claims that without god, life has no meaning does not think, or has refused to think through the subject.

Here and here are the author’s attempt to sell his type of nonsense.

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

35 thoughts on “The peaceful religion of…

  1. Linuxgal says:

    My eternity is secure. Just as I cozy not knowing I didn’t exist until I was born, I will be just as cozy not knowing that I don’t exist after I die. It divides eternity, neatly, into three parts. Believers, however, will spend their eternity walking on eggshells around God, hoping never to say a naughty word or think a sensuous thought, lest a trapdoor open on the cloud under their feet and they drop to the other place.


  2. Mordanicus says:

    I couldn’t have said it better.


  3. I like your comment on the Isaiah 53 blog:

    “The writer of Ecclesiastes is awake to the fact that all is vanity, meaningless. What meaning would god give to life if it existed?”

    Rather telling that they can’t be satisfied with just one life. Apparently they’ll settle for nothing less than the promise of eternal life.


  4. Great post. It has whetted my immoral, atheist appetite for a christian sandwich. Yum yum! You know, I never knew just what an evil, despicable bastard I was for not believing in the christian god til they told me so. God bless em for being so FULL of love. Amen and Hallelujah!


  5. Great rebuttal, Mak. Your empirical inquiry into the “rational grounds for religion or belief in any form of deity” is spot-on and is the most definitive way to reject the notion of god in my opinion.

    Since religion can only utilize rationalist (and spiritualist) arguments to support their ideas, I’ve often wondered why some atheists choose to refute them exclusively on those grounds. The empirical argument is incontestable: there is NO EVIDENCE of god or deities – period.

    Anything can be rationalized given sufficient convolutions of “logic.” That kind of reasoning is great for fueling contentious debate, but not so great at resolving matters of fact.


  6. john zande says:

    “Would anyone trust the convictions of a monkey’s mind if there are any convictions in such a mind?”

    Yes, absolutely! Multiple experiments have shown monkeys have a strong and complex idea of fair play.


  7. Great post. I think the piece you’re rebutting is an attempt to shut us up. It won’t work but it’s the only card religion has left. They can no longer burn or torture people who disagree with them. They have to resort to playing the victim.


    • makagutu says:

      He has decided we are bullies for pointing out that religion is irrational, for asking them for the evidence for the claims they make.
      We will not shut up. We will continue to challenge them. We will continue to ask to be left free of religion and that religion be kept out of the public square and if it must, then it is fair game for criticism and challenge.


  8. giannidebruyn says:

    I want to say I enjoyed reading your post, and I have to agree with you. The reasoning (or lack there of) that some religious members use is ridiculous enough to question the person’s sanity.

    The moral issue that you discussed is one used by many Christians, saying that atheist don’t have any, and then they go on comparing us to Stalin and Hitler. In the mean while they forget all the horrible stories in the old testament, or the lack of respect for the female sex as is clear in the tale of the sodomites. The reason why they say that we have no moral is that they think we need to get them from scriptures to have good moral. I think (and I know I am not the only one) that moral has evolved along with us. We know it is morally wrong to kill someone because earlier in our evolutionary stages it was wrong as well, some cavemen might have tried to murder his neighbor, but during evolution people have noticed that living in a world where killing each other is not the best way to live (especially if you want you species to survive) that is how morality can grew during the course of evolution. For example it used to be morally excepted to cut of the hand of a thief as a punishment. I can imagine if someone tries to do this in this decade, the world will be shocked.

    On to the “science has made no new discoveries” part, first off al believing in an intelligent design is a hypothesis, the god-hypothesis, and like any other hypothesis they are burdened with providing the evidence. ( )
    Science (and Darwin) has offered one of the most perfect explanations ever in evolution. This describes the beauty of making something complex such as a human out of simple cells, earlier life forms, so why should we offer a new explanation (as you stated). Science has more important questions to answer than always defending itself to believers who will never analyze the facts and evidence that science provides.


    • makagutu says:

      Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.
      Their claim about morals and their revealed books will not hold. The majority of the inhabitants of the world are not Christian. They do not consult the bible to live their lives.
      The god hypothesis hasn’t been proved. We are still waiting.


  9. aguywithoutboxers says:

    A terrific refute of yet another tired argument of the same old garbage that seriously needs to be updated. How does this supposed believer know that all atheists troll the internet unless he/she is trolling the same trying to spread his/her own belief system? The only hatred I see here are the so-called believers hating everyone who has a thought that differs from their own. Much love and naked hugs, my friend! 🙂


    • makagutu says:

      How does he differentiate between atheist trolls and those who are not?
      We don’t begrudge anyone for believing their prophet flew to heaven on a winged horse, then to Jerusalem and back to Mecca on the same night. We only say this is ridiculous.
      We have no problem pointing out that if the Jeebus fellow was born of a virgin and no man was involved, then he must have been female. We don’t stop them from believing he will return in their life time. We only ask them to think.
      Big hugs my friend


  10. Ignostic Atheist says:

    I’ll be the first to tell you the Steven Weinberg quote is a delight. It cuts, and is just a bit serrated. But it’s not true.

    To be true, everyone who has done something evil that was not directly associated with religion must be evil. But good people do evil things all the time. Look at nationalism or economics.


  11. shelldigger says:

    I love the smell of a good smackdown in the evening. Nice job Mak.

    I find it intersting the blatant lie in the first statement, that we are all “rabid haters and deniers of God” I do not hate any gods, for they do not exist, save for within the gray matter of the deluded. You could call me a denier of gods though if you would like.

    I don’t even hate the religious, they have every right to run around chasing unicorns and rainbows all they like. If all they did was live in a harmless closed off world of their own making, we secularists would have little to do or complain about. However we all know of their insidious encroachment upon society. If they would shut the hell up, leave us alone, quit trying to force religion in public schools and pushing legislation enabling the groundwork for a theocracy we would slowly but surely resort to playing cribbage or darts or trying new wines or beer brews, going out to dinner, enjoying life a little… Really, if they would just keep their damned gods within their damned churches, there would not be much to complain about. The non existence of gods does not affect me, the existence of fundamentalists does. .


    • makagutu says:

      Thanks for your kind words mate.

      If we hate any gods, then it must be those gods claimed by religious books. Those gods have been the source of misery, strife and a lot of bloodshed in our world that it would be madness for anyone to claim a love for them.

      No one would bother with the religious if they learnt their beliefs are a personal matter and have no place in the public square. No one would have a problem with them if they could keep their gods in the church. I hope they soundproof the walls though. There is a church in my neighbourhood that drives me nuts once in a while. They make so much noise I can’t hear myself think.


  12. Ron says:

    He forgot to mention the best parts about being an atheist: eating babies and dancing naked in the moonlight.


    • makagutu says:

      I am not sure he is aware of these. He seems to not know anything anyway


      • Ron says:

        True. I’ve parsed the blog. The author claims to have engaged many atheists, yet reveals a distinct lack of awareness of the counterarguments raised by atheists.


        • makagutu says:

          That is obvious even in the post I responded to. He says he has engaged with atheists, then still calls atheism a religion. I think since he talks to god in his mind, he also must do the same with atheists. Engaging with atheists, I highly doubt


  13. I’m an atheist and I rarely write about religion. Partly because my readers have no interest in it and partly because I don’t either. I leave it to those of you who are more well versed in it to criticise and point out the flaws. For me, it is nonsensical and isn’t worth the time of day, but others, Ruth and Victoria, have pointed out it is a battle worth fighting. They and you are better equipped to fight it though.


    • makagutu says:

      You entertain us with your various stories as well. Once in a while it is good that the various claims of theists get responded to.
      Yes, in most places, it is worth pointing out their is a problem with the religious claims.


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