Saba saba

For those who have followed the local news, tomorrow there is a planned political rally dubbed Saba Saba [ 7th of July]. Years back at the clamour for multiparty, a rally was held on the 7th of July and the police acted in the way we have expected them to always do this side of the equator, with reckless abandon and violently. One can almost compare them to a starved dog [ I mean no disrespect for dogs] defending its master to the death. I digress.

Tomorrow, I can guess that some lives will be lost. I want to know, these lives will be lost for what cause?  The politicians will be safe away from teargas and water cannons fired by cops who live in shanties and are paid meager salaries to keep them alive. I never understand how stupid people are. Is it part of cop training to not reason? How do you follow a command to shoot at your fellow citizens who are unarmed?

And while on it, we receive silly text from one of the mobile service providers to attend a church service to pray for the nation. There have been so many prayer sessions for the several things that ail this country, I don’t know if those doing the prayers have ever taken an inventory of which prayers were answered and which haven’t. I think such evaluation is needed so they may see what a massive waste of time they it is in and start to do something meaningful. Maybe it is time the clergy started to ask the government to implement the Ndungu commission report on land and others, the Truth and Justice commission’s report, the massive corruption and tribalism in the state departments. Maybe then I will listen to the clergy, until then, they should shut the fuck up.

One of my good friends has brought to my attention an idiot politician whose names are [sic] hon Moses Kuria. This fellow can’t help being silly.

If this is the type of person some people expect to be their representative, they are all a bunch of assholes. If they can’t tell him to shut the fuck up, they all should check in with their doctors to find out if they are still ok, mentally that is.

While we don’t know how this dialogue will be and what the content is, we encourage them to go ahead and have their say. They may not have their way, but at least they must and should be heard. After tomorrow, life will continue. Those who import sugar while killing local companies will continue. Al Shabaab will still attack whenever they feel so, people will die of hunger and the clown at statehouse will appoint a crony or village mate to a government post and then tell us to shun tribalism. For those who pray, your god shall still be non-existent and invisible answering no prayers.

Lastly, I know the majority of those who will be standing in the scorching heat of Uhuru Park do not visit this blog, if any of them does, should there be any sign of running battles with the police, keep safe. There is no great cause worth dying for, especially in this country. Live to fight another day. The politicians will be safe in some hotel planning the next rally. We will bury you and forget that you were.

We support all forms of civil disobedience. We don’t know whether they will result in a change for the better. Nor do we believe that politicians or the political class we have any vision farther than their noses.

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

18 thoughts on “Saba saba

  1. says:

    I am so sorry to read of the ignorance and stupidity of your politicians and possible death of these individuals who should have the right to self expression.


  2. john zande says:

    We can only hope no blood will be spilled.


  3. aguywithoutboxers says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly my friend, the people have a right to express their grievances and demand action. Like others, I hope there is no bloodshed. be safe, my Nairobi brother!


  4. We would appreciate a report on what happens tomorrow, but above all, please keep yourself safe!


  5. themodernidiot says:

    Fuck em. Go have your say, my friend. (And wear good sneakers in case you have to get away fast 😉


  6. emmylgant says:

    I can hear, feel, understand your frustration my dear friend. Stay safe.


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