A question and a quote

First the question.

The nutritionist tells us to eat well and live long.

The doctor tells you to exercise and live long.

Your aunt and grandmother encourage you to get married to a good spouse and tell you that will guarantee you a long life.

Your pastor not only promises you a life here, but he promises you an eternity in the netherworld especially if you give him your money!

You find an old man who is toothless both literally and metaphorically still hanging on to life. He shoots pool with a rope but he still lives.

Many people are busy making children to succeed them.

Why are we obsessed with immortality, with being remembered by anonymous persons or rather why do we want to live long and for what? Nature takes many years to make a man and just when he is ready for life, it kills him.

And now the quote, from Denial of Death by Ernest Becker. It is from a letter Rank wrote in 1937;

Suddenly… while I was resting in bed it occurred to me what really was (or is) “Beyond Psychology.” You know what? Stupidity! All that complicated and elaborate explanation of human behaviour is nothing but an attempt to give a meaning to one of the most powerful motives of behaviour, namely stupidity! I began to think that it is even more powerful than badness, meanness- because many actions or reactions that appear mean are simply stupid and even calling them bad is a justification.