Questions for theists

Reader consoledreader asked yours truly to prepare a set of questions like the one in the previous post addressed to theists. We promised to do so and while we don’t think, as the author of the questions I have mentioned wrote, that these questions cannot be honestly answered, we believe it would be a great discussion to have.

The questions that I am going to post below are a joint effort by the followers of this blog. They are collated from a post we did a year ago.

I apologize in advance that most of the questions are not as brief as those meant to stump the atheists. This is because we want the questions to be as clear as possible.

1.  Why was eating a forbidden fruit such a great sin? Why and how does a human sacrifice make up for this sin?

2. If the bible/koran/ torah is the word of god as you claim, why so many interpretations as there are believers? Was it impossible for your god to be clear?

3. If your god is spirit, incorporeal, was Jesus born with only his mother’s 23 chromosomes?

4. If there is a creator god that knows all, that he would have to kick Adam out of the garden, that he would have to destroy the Earth with flood, that he would have to sacrifice himself to himself to redeem anyone at all… why did he create the universe full of failures? Was he unable to stop himself?

5. if there is a creator god that knows all, and Adam & Eve screwed up, why not immediately send Jeebus to clear things up right then and not wait some thousands of years with many failed “covenants”, changing languages, “laws”, etc?

6. When we see today a man walking down the street with a long beard, saying we have to repent because God is watching/coming to Earth/will punish us if we don’t, etc, we call them loonies. Some 2,000 ago they called them prophets (or Jesus). If these guys were indeed prophets – as they claim – who is to say the ones standing outside the metro today aren’t prophets too? What’s the difference between them? And if a guy called Jesus appeared today and said the exact same things he said back then, would anyone believe him?

7. If you are Muslim, do you believe the heavenly language is Arabic?

8. Each of you claim your religious text is the right one, does it occur to you that not all of you can be right, so how do we tell who is right?

9. Why aren’t Catholics born to Muslim parents if we are born religious?

10. If your god is self sufficient, immutable and unchanging, what happened at the point it decided to create the universe or it became unchanging after that?

11. If free will is cherished by your god, that it created us with it so we can love him, wasn’t the free will of pharaoh important? Why harden his heart?

12. What god kills the children of slave girls to free his ‘chosen’ people?

And a bonus question.

Classical theists define god as possessing omni-capabilities, is there a thing that god could will and not actualize? How do you know this? Could your god have willed there to be no evil on earth but it didn’t materialize.


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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

99 thoughts on “Questions for theists

  1. Mordanicus says:

    I would say: let the answers come!


  2. Claudia Mazzucco says:

    These questions are nonsense.


    • makagutu says:

      Thank you for your deep insights


    • Ignostic Atheist says:

      I agree. It’s because the subject matter is nonsense.


      • makagutu says:

        I think you and me will agree that to countless believers the subject matter is not nonsense.
        Claudia dismisses the questions without offering any answers as he/she has always done on this blog when the matter is religious and doesn’t respond to follow up questions.


        • Ignostic Atheist says:

          Yes, yes. She didn’t offer much. The trouble I have with asking questions is that each theist is different, with a slightly different god in turn. So, a question that nails down a creationist is nothing to someone else who accepts metaphor.

          I have dreams of assembling an online flowchart that covers every possible belief, and encourages you to think critically about it.


          • Ignostic Atheist says:

            But to join the fray,

            How do you square the existence of numerous non-canonical gospels with the idea that the Bible is complete and perfect?


          • makagutu says:

            I agree with you in principle. There are different theists and each with a different interpretation. But I think we can also get a general answer from them, it will not be reflective of the group but at least it will get the discussion going.

            That flow chart would be an interesting thing to do.


  3. Great idea here Mak. I’m waiting for the answers to come and convince me of how wrong I am not to see the light of faith. I’m waiting. I’m STILL waiting…….guess what? I’M STILL WAITING!!!


  4. Kinda makes me miss som, btw. He’d surely have a hate-filled non-relevant reply to this.


    • makagutu says:

      we just want to know


    • Mordanicus says:

      That might actually the most easiest one to explain. We know that certain animals such pythons and turkeys do engage in parthenogenis. Off spring created in such way, do contain normal amounts of chromosomes. In theory it could happen in humans, it would require that a human [proto-]ovum would remain its original amount of chromosomes. Further one mutation would be needed to fix his gender.


  5. says:

    I tried, I really did, but my own negativity made me sick 🙂 ~~~


  6. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Great questions, my Nairobi brother. Now let’s see if any of them respond. I’m interested in their replies. 🙂


  7. Arkenaten says:

    Sadly, the problem begins when the Christians do turn up. It’s inevitable they will prattle on like Mike Anthony, Kathy, UnkleE, etc and to a lessor extent, Portal ( Ryan) & Hayden.
    And maybe Prayson will also arrive and tell you that Jesus was just a man and atheism is an aberration and the One True God still loves you and if it isn’t in the Qu’ran you are making it up and Mohammed was not a pedophile.

    And there will never be a consensus.
    You will never get a straight answer from any individual.
    Finkelstein & Devers are liberal extremists who have no evidence . Wolpe is a Jew and why should ”they” listen to him or any Jew?
    Er….’s’cuse me…Jesus?
    When they dont answer directly you will be referred to ”experts” or historical sources ( Josephus, Tacitus )
    See? Witnesses! Bazinga!
    They will tell you Catholicism is not really what Christianity is about …except the Catholics.
    And then the post will be a thousand comments long and we’ve all got migraine trying to get them to answer ONE STRAIGHT QUESTION.


    The religious…..god help us!

    Life is too short.


  8. I responded to the questions.
    I tried to send them to you via the contact form, but it condensed all the paragraphs and separate questions into one giant paragraph. Do you have an email address you want to me to send it to or would you like me to just post the response here in the thread?


  9. limey says:

    I discussed these questions with my Chrsitian wife. Answers over on my blog.


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