I have nothing to say

Except to say that it is in bad taste and dishonest for a fellow whom you have given an opportunity to have his views heard accuse me of high handedness. I don’t know what or to whom the question he is talking about is addressed. I am aware, if there are any questions not answered, are those asked by others to him.

For example, he was asked by tildeb to explain how, if he is tending towards agnostic and believing the bible to be myth, why then does he write god and g-d?

I asked, which I haven’t seen any response to, how his being Jewish has any bearing on whether he believes a god exists or not.

He has been asked how does he know that those who take the bible as the inerrant word of a god are wrong since he believes it is a collection of myths and narratives. If these and other questions he was asked have been answered, mea culpa, but if not, it is lame and in bad taste to accuse me of not responding to you. And am certain many more can be found in the thread.

As to moderation, all comments that have more than one link will go to moderation. I had put his comments under moderation and changed that setting when he commented he would not mind writing a response as a guest post. In our last interaction which I mentioned in the thread he couldn’t stop himself from calling me names. It is my blog, and most of those who comment here are my friends. You are not going to either call them or me names and expect that we will not have a problem with it, that would be dreaming.