Human evolution and other stories[ links]

Creationists of whatever stripe will not like this story. It has no room for magic or for poofism and it’s an interesting read. Biology is not one of my strengths, if there is anything that the authors of the article have lied about, yours truly may not know.

And for those who will be going to hell, here is what you will be doing there for endless time.

And for all budding parents and teachers, this letter should have been sent to all our teachers and it reminds me of this other letter.

Have a good weekend you all!

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10 thoughts on “Human evolution and other stories[ links]

  1. Thanks for the links. There is some very good reading here.


  2. Interesting. Thank you for the links so I can read more.


  3. Great info. This excerpt from the story describes how we should be looking at ourselves:

    “The human family tree is not a towering pine with a dominant central trunk. It is more of a bush than a tree, with a series of side branches and dead ends.”

    Furthermore, I would posit that we are not as different from other species as we’d like to believe. Our “family tree” doesn’t stand alone. It is connected to all other life on this planet. In fact, our human lineage would be better described as a “branch of a tree.”

    To illustrate this point, an orangutan named Chantek was raised on a college campus in Tennessee as a human. He lived, ate, and slept with humans, and was taught sign language. One of his favorite activities was taking a car ride to a local ice cream cone shop where he would “buy” his favorite flavor by offering the clerk some metal washers (substituted for coins). When asked what he thought he was, Chantek replied “orangutan person.” See: “The Ape who went to College” –

    If an ape raised as a human behaves like a human, then what does that say about us? Our technological ascendency may have more to do with learned socialization than genetics.


  4. Aquileana says:

    Happy week to you, my friend.
    This is a neverending debate, isn’t it?…
    I find odd that we are still having it nowadays and wonder why and how it could be…
    Thanks for sharing those links. I’ll make sure to check them out.
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😛


  5. Eric Alagan says:

    Thank you for the links – interesting what I’ll be doing in hell 🙂


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