You have been found out, you atheist liars!

Yes you and you and you, and this is according to some religious nincompoop who seems to me to have so little between his ears. He charges the atheists with the following;

1. The biggest lie the atheists preach, THERE IS NO GOD.

For one, to a child that is dying, what business would I have telling them there is no god? They may, for example, if they have not been fed religious BS have no idea that such a phantom does exist. I could be wrong, but last I checked, we lacked a belief in the existence of gods. Well once in a while I can say there are no gods and am not peddling a lie. As far as I can tell, none has been shown to exist.

2. Atheists have no open minds

Because they have no room for spirituality- a spirituality based on unsupported and unsupportable ideas. Someone hit me in the head! How would you be expected to be open to an idea that has for its origin fancies and chimeras?

3. Atheists say Christianity teaches men not to think.

The good reader has a few verses he thinks supports his thesis that religion and Christianity to be specific encourages thought. The crime for which Adam and Eve were punished was to eat from the tree of knowledge [of good and bad]. I’m sure for anyone who has the time, it will be hard to find any passages in the bible in praise of doubt, knowledge and true inquiry.

4. Science exists despite religion

This canard, that is without religion science wouldn’t have developed, has been peddled longer than necessary.  That many scientists then and now have been religious is not to say religion made them pursue science. For most if not all, it is the inquisitive mind that drove them. For some, we can say their attempts to find god in nature was always at the back of their minds but I don’t know how far or how true this is.

5. They don’t care if there is or isn’t a god

I will quote the OP on this one.

Deep down inside of everyone’s heart there is a missing element that is always questioning, searching and longing to find God. They may try to ignore it but it still remains there.

How in the name of all that is reasonable would one make such a generalization about people for who he hasn’t walked a mile in their shoes? A desire to find god is not proof of good, not by a mile. And maybe they would want to find god to question s/h/it on the many failures that it is likely responsible it for that matter to kill it.

5 lies atheists tell