Theists often ask why are we antagonistic towards religion. Many times am not, but when religious dimwits following their religious dogmas feel they have a right to legislate, then I have to use every word in my arsenal to show they are not only idiots but are meddling with people’s lives where they have no say whatsoever. Their religious beliefs are only for them to follow not all of us who don’t adhere to their dogma. 

An idiot all the way             

The fellow captioned above who claims to be an SDA member believes members of the LGBT community should be stoned to death. He calls this a deterrence method. He argues homosexuality is not African. I want to be told what is African in being SDA or believing in a goat herders god. I am waiting to be told, until then I call bull on him and his colleagues.

I would like to know what rot his ilk talk about when they mention LGBTs.

Straight couples fuck left right and centre. If there is any rot, it is found in matrimonial beds where the couples are straight.

For legislators or their cohorts to think they can criminalize homosexuality or they can by doing so moralize a nation that went to the dogs eons ago, they really must be very foolish.

This sort of argument

Their rights are not in isolation. Whoever drafted the Constitution knows that rights are practised in society. You cannot spoil that society in which you are. You cannot dilute its morals

points to a fellow who uses his arse not his brains if he has any. One wonders how being gay dilutes the morals of a society. I am tired of all this idiocy.

The man who wants gays stoned to death

Draft bill proposes harsh penalties against gays