On the quest for the historical Jesus

Here is a challenge on the question of the historicity of the Jeebus character.

Some time in the past when we had this debate, some theists, I recall argued that even atheist scholars agree that Jesus existed. I am not calling to question their scholarship qualifications, what I want us to agree on is which Jesus do they agree existed?

1. Do the atheists believe there was a Jesus son of a god and woman?

2. Do they believe that the accounts given in the gospels and letters of Paul are valid biographies?

3. Do they believe the Jesus fellow levitated at a later point to heaven wherever this is located?

If the Jesus they believe to have existed is not the above, then my question is why not just take the mythicist position? I think it is a consistent position. I agree with Carrier and those like him who reasonably say Jesus did not exist.

If anyone has evidence that my position is not warranted, I open to a demonstration of the same and I will gladly add Jesus to the list of eminent persons who have graced the planet with their presence and are now long dead.