Chronicles of YHWH 16 – M-Theory


One day, after spending too many hours in the sun, YHWH suddenly got an epiphany:

YHWH: Whoa, Gabriel: I think I’ve finally understood M-Theory, and its implications to Supergravity and higher-D quantum branes.

Gabriel: That’s great news, Lord. So how does it work?

YHWH: Well, it’s like looking at a single-dimensional slice of a two-dimensional string that is perpetually vibrating in an 11-dimensional space, through quantum S-and-T duality peepholes.

Short Pause.

Gabriel: What are Quantum S-and-T duality peepholes?

YHWH: Well, the two are rational premises for comprehending complex quantum field theory and string theories through less abstract formulations. For instance, the “N = 4 Supersymmetric Yang–Mills Theory” actually runs two parallel formulations – one more complex than the other – in the “Montonen–Olive Duality” construct.

Gabriel: Uh… Lord, I don’t understand what all that means.

YHWH: He he. Neither do I. However, I suppose it’s like looking at a single slice of bacon, and watching it move on its own around the plate, and wondering what you are high on, when in reality the “bacon” is but a tiny, three-dimensional slice of an eight-dimensional Irish “Caoránach”, which itself is but the front limb of an 11-dimensional, Welsh “Y Ddraig Goch” Dragon. So you get terrified by the animated bacon, and never suspect that, in a higher realm, there’s an Irish daemon looking down at you, and a Welsh dragon too, in an even higher realm.

Long Pause.

Gabriel: Lord, I think we’ve been in the sun for too long today. Let’s go find some shade.


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