The failure of atheism

I hate idiocy and I hate to call anyone an idiot even when it is clear they are. We are not sure whether the author of this article has their head in the right place nor if they live in the same world I and many others inhabit.

Someone tell me where

Atheism, along with and its handmaiden science, is now the predominant worldview, in other words the predominant way which people in the West look at, interpret, and deal with the everything in the world. That includes the spiritual world. The Western/atheist response to the spiritual world is to ignore it.

this is the case. Poll after poll show that we live in a world overpopulated by religious, in some places, over 80% of the population profess a belief in one god or other. Atheism is not a worldview the same way not believing in Santa is not a world view. It is an answer to a question whose content is not enough to form a world view on. How, for example, would a world view based on not believing in big foot be structured? And science is not the handmaid of atheism or the other way round. It just so happens that most reasonable people are atheists. You can throw stones about this if you like!

The atheist worldview is thus described,

And what is the atheist worldview? Once you take God out of the picture, what’s left? Briefly, this is what we’ve got in the West, now:

All human beings are creative, unique individuals. We know that because human beings display those tendencies.

Maybe the author meant humanism. Atheism simply for the umpteenth time is a lack of belief in god[s]. It says nothing whatsoever on view of man in the cosmic scale. Humanism on the other hand among others teaches respect to the person and a belief in our collective abilities as men to solve our problems. With or without religion and gods, human beings are creative people unless the religious admit that in their worldview human beings are sheep in need of a shepherd.

And the believer can’t help hide their bigotry. It pains them so much that people should have rights to live their lives as they see fit. The

right of people to fulfill their desires is, for lack of a better word, Sacred. This is why supporting gay marriage, sex-change surgery, abortion and euthanasia are so popular with atheists.

so pains them that atheism is seen as the greatest evil second only to god tempting Adan and Eve in the garden of Eden. It is important to note that atheists support the right to choice, whether to carry a pregnancy to term or not. If you construe that as supporting abortion, so be it but I know of several bible carrying Christians who have made doctors in abortion clinics busy. Whether they are also atheists remains to be proved. The right to die in dignity is one that should be guaranteed for all. The christian obsession with suffering should not become a world phenomena. No one should suffer in agony waiting for a death that will come sometime anyway because some christian is obsessed with suffering. Let the christian suffer but leave the rest of us alone.

Atheism got nothing to do with the origins of the universe. That is in the purview of cosmology. The atheist demands evidence for your god. If you feel this challenges your fairy tale of creation with a few let there be- too bad. We can’t help you here. To write

This point of view is exemplified by the atheist explanation of the creation of the universe — it was a cosmic accident, and it doesn’t really matter how it happened, and it doesn’t really matter, period. The only thing which matters is the individual.

is to create a strawman of atheists/atheism that in truth doesn’t even deserve a response.

It is a lie to say

So, atheism is on top now.

And to then go ahead to write that

the problem with atheism is that it simply can’t solve the problem of Islamic terrorism. It lacks the capability to deal with it.

is both imbecile and asinine. If some idiots believe their god demands blood sacrifice, all I can point out to them is that they are misguided. They need to rethink. You see, am a rational being and it would take a lot of convincing to make me join the army to follow commands without asking why. I mean no disrespect to the men and women who have served their countries in such capacities. I digress though, what would this christian have us do? To go killing Muslims for being stupid in the belief that Allah loves blood?

In fact the line he writes is quite sensible but am beginning to think the said author is so dumb to even realize. S/he writes the response from the west is

Any conspiracy to cut heads off people is going to affect the freedom of the owners of those heads. So, it’s bad. Therefore such conspirators should be stopped. As we stop them, though, we recognise that those conspirators come from a group which may have been marginalized in the past, and recognise that they have a right to live their life as they choose, free of hindrance, as long as that choice does not affect other people’s choices.

which if those idiots running the ISIS could listen to, they would let each person live their lives and square it out with god if they should so meet on judgement day whenever that will be. The world would be more peaceful place if the above ideal were followed. The Christian believes if everyone starts to believe in their hippy miracle worker then the world will get too stupid to even go to war. What a dumb way to look at life. I suggest this author reads has free thought a constructive side.

The often repeated claim that atheist killed when they were in power omits the very reason why these men slaughtered their countrymen. It was never in the cause of disbelief. They were tyrants, fighting to stay in power and they wanted people to follow their dogmas. I am open to be shown evidence to the contrary.

This claim

As for atheism, it doesn’t matter how right it seems, it just doesn’t get good results. This can be seen with its failure to deal with Islamic terrorism, or its grand experiments such as the Soviet Union. Atheists will probably say that these are aberrations, and the best is yet to come. But I don’t see it.

could only have been written by a person with less matter between their ears. Most of the western world have their leaders steeped in religion. When Obama and Cameron said ISIS doesn’t represent Islam, atheists called them out on this. And I believe that a society that is reasonable would be secure from such barbarity as ISIS.

How the Christian arrives at the conclusion that the Muslim worships the wrong god is one method I would like to learn. We have our author claim

Islam turns away from God by worshiping a false god and venerating a false prophet.

And the atheist is judged as turning away from god by rejecting his existence- and this is the christian god. The question any reasonable person would ask is why is Zeus not the right god and that the Christian has it wrong by worshiping some Hebrew god?

The author concludes by writing

I’ve said it before: Atheism just isn’t attractive.

and I agree. To be reasonable for most people is a tough call. And for most ignorance is bliss. I would not be the first to get you out of your ignorance. I will also not stop to mock, ridicule and satirize religion. It deserves nothing more than that. If you find nothing odd with a man having his ass talk with him or talking snakes, you have lost your head.

I will close by saying the correct title for the post should have been Failure of theism.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

64 thoughts on “The failure of atheism

  1. Mordanicus says:

    Since time immemorial theists have failed to prove the very existence of their god(s). Unless one can actually prove the existence of god, we cannot speak of the failure of atheism.


    • makagutu says:

      Even if we were to postulate atheism having failed, one would first have to show that there was a cause that atheists set themselves to follow and didn’t go through with it. Then we can talk of failure of atheism. But before then, no


      • Mordanicus says:

        As you have made clear, atheists have only one thing in common: their lack of believe in the existence of god. On all other issues atheists can and do dispute each other. So only the issue of the existence of god can be taken as the postulate which could prove atheism to have been failed.


  2. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Your mind is on a roll today, my Nairobi brother! Great rebuttal! As to the comment that atheism can’t solve the problem with Islamic terrorists; well, the deists can’t either. They’ve been trying since the Crusades. Nor have they been able to resolve issues with their own believing extremists.

    Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • makagutu says:

      Oh yes, the deists with their god who created the universe and went to sleep. And I think even UUs can’t solve the problem. Even those followers of Confucius! Some things just annoy me brother.
      Much love

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ladysighs says:

    I keep wondering why we (well not me – I don’t have the skills to do it) have to keep writing and repeating and repeating arguments against the goofiness of the god lovers. I sure am glad you have taken up this cross. 🙂


    • makagutu says:

      One wonders why this god believers are always so ignorant. Where do they come from? Do they just wake up one morning and discover there are atheists?

      I tell you dear, these people annoy me with the level of their ignorance


  4. Oh, I came across that wanker before, sorry Mak, but that’s as polite as I can get. I was interested originally because I used to live in Sydney. S/he’s a former feminist, green? Get out of it. His post is ridiculous. Seriously.


  5. Very nicely stated. Did you see this one?

    A fairly convincing argument against the validity of Islam using the Koran.


  6. john zande says:

    I admire your patience in taking apart such banality. When it gets this ludicrous my brain just shuts down.


  7. Great post. I’ve read this guy’s bull-crap before and yes, he is an idiot. As a matter of fact, if you Google the word “idiot” his picture pops up along with this piece he wrote. I love the crap he writes about Muslims worshiping a false god because only his god is real. How in the f*ck could he possible know that? IDIOT!! I’d like to see him tell ISIS, in an up close and personal way, that Allah is not real. We’d see what a know-it-all smart guy he is then. They’d cut his damn head off. I grow very weary of reading tripe like this and over and over having to explain what atheism actually is to theists. Idiots like this live in a biased box filled with crap within their own minds. The only true miracles that happen are when they manage to step outside of it into the fresh air of reality and realize what ninnies they were for living in a box of crap for so long. Reality smells a lot better than the crap-filled boxes idiots like this guy live in.


    • makagutu says:

      Can we replace his name with idiot?

      HE is so full of himself and his stupidity it is annoying. I hope he can stand up to ISIS and tell them their god is fake and we see who will have the last laugh when his head will be separated from his body


      • That’s why theists are only brave when they’re shouting at atheists like us. They know most of us are pacifists and won’t chop their heads off. This dude would never be brave enough to actually say his piece on Allah to ISIS.


  8. shelldigger says:

    Damn Mak, where do you find all of these… deeply inspired morons?

    Is there a web site someplace that is running a special on deeply inspired morons that I am unaware of? I have been in a slump the last few days and could use a good bit of inspiration.

    Lots of great points in the comments, I would like to see someday a victim of Mak’s genius reply to, and attempt to explain the obvious flaws in their thinking. I won’t hold my breath though.


    • makagutu says:

      They have access to the internet, that shocks me and WLC has made a career out of lying for Jesus and actually trains other liars for Jesus.

      Brother, go slow on the praise 😀 I may become famous lo


  9. Joseph Wahome says:

    The Christian says that his sky daddy is the real one. The Muslim disagrees, and says that his particular sky daddy is the real one. I believe that there is a way of resolving this little misunderstanding. The Christian and the Muslims should both be put in a field, and given guns to shoot at each other. Whoever has a real sky daddy should easily survive – since real sky daddies should surely be able to stop bullets. But if both groups eliminate each other, well and good. A new, golden age for mankind will have begun.


    • makagutu says:

      Such a contest, would be good if we would have all of them in the shooting range. They would notice there are deaths from both sides and would come to one of the following conclusions; the god doesn’t care, the god doesn’t exist or bullets kill among others and hopefully they would stop their madness.


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