Reblog: Iranian Sentenced to Death for Insulting Prophet Mohammad

How in this day and age a person can be found guilty for a offending a pedophile prophet by a post on facebook is beyond me. If for any reason these people believe their god is powerful, why not defer these punishments to him and relax easy?


Via Kaveh Mousavi:

A blogger found guilty of insulting the Prophet Mohammad in his postings on Facebook has been sentenced to death. An informed source told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that the blogger, Soheil Arabi, will be able to appeal the decision until September 20, 2014.

Agents from the Revolutionary Guards Corps’ (IRGC) Sarallah Base arrested Soheil Arabi, 30, and his wife in November 2013. Arabi’s wife was released a few hours later, but he was kept in solitary confinement for two months inside IRGC’s Ward 2-A at Evin Prison, before he was transferred to Evin’s General Ward 350. Branch 76 of the Tehran Criminal Court, under Judge Khorasani, found Arabi guilty of “sabb al-nabi” (insulting the Prophet), on August 30, 2014.


“Soheil had eight Facebook pages under different names, and he was charged with insulting the Imams and the Prophet because of the contents…

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I have seen the light and will receive the lord soon

The god of the bible, YHWH and Jesus his son are all loving, all good, all-powerful god.

You see I have been think hard and deeply and it occurred to me only a loving god would do the things am about to count and I hope when you finish reading this, you will all be saved.

Adam and Eve got punished for their first ever crime and generations after them are still suffering for this crime. This loving god expects us to forgive 70 times 7 or is it 70 I forget sometimes but could not forgive the first two ignoramuses their first misdemeanor. You know he did not have to put the tree in the garden in the first place. This god is truly loving.

When he told Noah to build the ark, he helped him secure houseflies, mosquitoes, tsetse flies and cockroaches among many others to make sure that apart from the other punishments he had inflicted on man, there was going to be sicknesses or agents that would spread the diseases all through to the end of time. This was an act of love.

His other act of love during the design, construction and commissioning of the ark and later during the deluge was to find all animals guilty with man in partaking of the fruit. The world is no better for it. And because of his love, those animals that could not make it to the ark drowned. What a mercifully god.

When after he got the sons of Israel {Jacob] into Egypt and hardening Pharaoh’s heart, he killed the first-born of everything including hens to show he was angry. Here was his mercy most shown to the Egyptians for he even asked the sons of Israel to pillage on their way to the desert. Who would not count this an act of love and mercy?

His great power is displayed in the wilderness when after feeding the people of Israel on manna for dog years, he got offended at their golden calf and ordered the priestly class to slaughter all those who were involved in this unforgivable crime.

For the crime of occupying land that this god had earmarked for the sons of Israel, the Canaanites had their women and children killed, virgins taken as slaves and their land forcefully acquired like the way the Chinese government does. This here was an act of love.

In a show of power, he stopped the sun for several hours to help Jacob in his killing spree. Now that is being all-powerful.

In the NT, we have his son superstar Jesus H. Christ calming seas, walking on water, healing a few blind men, being tempted by Satan and many heroic things, they did not find it in their all loving and all-powerful natures to completely eradicate blindness, ignorance, make wine readily available for all.

The crowning glory of love, power and mercy we see when to save us from his wrath- don’t ever forget he is all loving, all merciful, all just- he had his son commit suicide by the Centurion. Many men have lost their limb and life in defending or fighting for this great act of love, mercy and justice. I know you will say that an all-powerful god could just say I forgive you, go and sin no more, but that would not be truly loving.

If you have managed to read this far, you understand why I have seen the light and I will join the brigade of love, justice and mercy. Hail Christianity, Hail religion. One really has to be daft to believe in this as being an act of love.


For his love of Job and in the need to settle his ego issues with the all malevolent creator, he made job go though agonizing pain both physical and emotional. Don’t no one tell me I got ego issues, one thing I know for certain they don’t match this god’s.