Chronicles of YHWH 27: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

YHWH: Lucifer?

Lucifer: Speaking.

YHWH: What’s that bluish glow I’m seeing in hell?

Lucifer: Radioactive cores. Uranium and Plutonium.

YHWH: What are radioactive cores doing in hell?

Lucifer: I run out of sulphur and brimstone a while back. Too many sinners trooping in. Besides, the radioactive cores create a much hotter flame. And they can last for much, much longer.

YHWH: Ah, interesting. Good thinking. How many sinners are you barbecuing, currently?

Lucifer: Almost five billions. The atheists, the Muslims, the Rastafarians, the Hindus and Buddhists, the Communists, and the Pope. I hear that some evangelical Christians are also on the way.

YHWH: Yeah. Some of them were wearing linen underwear, against my orders. Who wears linen against the skin, anyway? Creeps.

Lucifer: One impending problem, though.

YHWH: Yes?

Lucifer: The increasingly higher amounts of radioactive material needed might soon reach a critical mass, and detonate in a massive explosion. Hell will be no more.

YHWH: That’s fine. I’ll move heaven further away.

Lucifer: Oh. Alright then.

YHWH: Just ensure that those Christians wearing linen pants are nearest the cores when the explosion happens.

Lucifer: Uh, alright. Will do.


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About Joseph Wahome

Used to the quirky side of life: been there, done that, got burnt, got redeemed, sticking the neck out again, but this time, with some titanium necklaces.

14 thoughts on “Chronicles of YHWH 27: Chain Reaction

  1. john zande says:

    Mixing threads, the horror… The horror.


    • Joseph Wahome says:

      Indeed, John: YHWH was strictly against wool and linen getting mixed. Perhaps he was allergic to the combination. Or maybe he was the first member of PETA.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. makagutu says:

    How does relocating heaven help his case when hell is no more?


  3. I will hve to say, that amongst all of the nuttery in the bible, the mixed threads is beyond me. Anyone run across what this may have actually meant/

    and just think of all of those poor 1700s folks who wore linsey-woolsey. everyone going to hell.

    and as for nukes in heaven, isn’t that where the holy glow comes from? 😉


    • Joseph Wahome says:

      I sometimes find it hard to believe that any sane man could look at the sort of laws that were being dished out in the Old Testament, and still believe that they originated from a sane, intelligent source. Yet, this is the power of indoctrination: take any child, anywhere, feed that child with the weirdest tales, and the child will believe those lies up to adulthood. It’s a really unfortunate weakness of the human mind, if one thinks about it.


  4. Alex Autin says:

    I wonder if organic hemp linen underwear count. I saw some on sale; elastic-free, sweatshop free, chemical free, and it should be mentioned also free of anything even hinting at attractiveness. I’m not sure if someone who spends 25 bucks on such sexy-free undies should be cursed to spend eternity hanging out next to radioactive materials, I mean especially since they probably spent their natural life date-free. 😉


    • Joseph Wahome says:

      Whoa. Organic, hemp, linen underwear? Sounds horrid. I bet that most of them are purchased by the Mormons as their “magic underwear”.

      But if you think about it, if this magic underwear is supposed to reduce “sin”, by reducing the chances of getting laid, then it’s likely to be very effective at that. 🙂


  5. ratamacue0 says:

    What the hell? 😉


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