Stanford: My mom deserved to die with dignity

This is why I support assisted suicide. Life should be worth living, and I don’t call living between doctors appointments a life.

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25 thoughts on “Stanford: My mom deserved to die with dignity

  1. Excellent post. Couldn’t agree more.


  2. kcchief1 says:

    Well done.

    Thanks for sharing !


  3. aguywithoutboxers says:

    So true, my friend. We know when it all becomes a waste. Thank you!


  4. shelldigger says:

    I have always thought it would be more humane to let people decide when their quality of life is such that it is no longer desirable to maintain. Or make that choice for them if they are in a hopeless situation and unable to make it themselves.

    Why so many can’t understand that concept is beyond me.

    With my wife being a nurse for many years and having experience in a couple of nursing homes, and seeing for myself what happens to a lot of people, I really would like to have the assisted suicide option on the table.

    Nevermind the enormous shithole that millions and millions of $ get thrown into, keeping people alive that have no hope for normalcy, or enjoying any of the littlest things life has to offer. At some point the whole thing has become ridiculous. There is a point where life is no longer worth living, and keeping a person alive knowing full well they will never recover, or be able to interact in any meaningful way with those around them, does nothing more than offer job security to those in the medical professions, and give the pious more time to practice their act.

    There comes a place in time, you just have to let grandma go. I say that for all. including myself. I recently found out my own mother suffers from an advanced state of Alzheimers. If and when the time comes, and I have any say in the matter, it will be time to pull the plug no matter how much it may hurt to do so. To not do that for people you love is inconceiveable to me.

    I would expect the same fate for my damn self if it comes to that. I hope those around me will love me enough to let me go, with some dignity.


    • makagutu says:

      I hope I will have courage to tell them to end my life.


      • shelldigger says:

        I think if and when it comes to that, it would be an easy choice to make. Assuming the capacity to make the decision is there, and the options bleak. I have seen the slow painful death thing, wasting away in a H bed as the body slowly shuts down. Facing an inevitable terminal outcome, we should all have the choice, and the balls to call it.

        Being an atheist means we have a certain degree of understanding god botherers lack. We know our time here is limited, we know the cold hard realities, we won’t be wasting our time sucking up to someones imaginary friend. Pleading and begging for miracles that will not materialize, or believing they are preparing for some childish fantasy to go to some happy place idiots perceive as heaven. No, we know the score, and what awaits us all. Best we can all hope for is to go quietly in our sleep. Too many don’t get that option, and a slow, miserable, painful death is uncalled for in todays society.

        There is a time and place for people to make that decision, only we will know when we get there. But yeah, I hope none of us have to make that decision. I would prefer we all went quietly in our sleep. But, I hope if it was our decision to make, we could do so, with as little suffering as possible, and retain some dignity in doing so.

        May it be a long time coming for us all, as I am sure we have a few things we would like to see and do yet.


  5. Joseph Wahome says:

    I think that denying a person the right to take his or her own life is selfish. It serves the needs of the other person denying this right, rather than the needs of the person suffering. Those people out there campaigning against assisted suicide are simply being selfish and insensitive. They should spend some time with terminally ill people, and understand just how much suffering and indignity those poor people go through. There is no argument that can justify letting a fellow human being undergo such suffering for months or even years, if there is an alternative in the form of an early death.


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