my great eureka moment

This eureka moment is essentially about the Abrahamic religions but could apply to any religion that has a devil. The christian, the Muslim and the Jew believe they worship an all powerful god. They also believe there is a devil who tempts them to do things against an all powerful god. The Jews are waiting for the messiah to come back. Mohammed said he is the last prophet, so the Muslims can wait for heaven. The Christians had god coming down to commit suicide to save them.

With that introduction, it occurred to me all the believers should to ask god once and for all time to just kill the devil. In fact, this is what god should have done instead of sending Adam and Eve packing from the garden. Had this god done this, we would have had no need for Noah’s ark, for destruction of Sodom and no need for vicarious redemption. I see no reason why an all powerful and loving god wouldn’t effect this simple request from its billion plus believers. The religious will not need to pray anymore since no one will be tempting them anymore.

That there, my friends, is my great eureka moment.