How do we know there is a god

It is in the bible and I am convinced.

Some christians are very lazy. There are enough creation myths around that to think that the one in the bible is true is in my view very lazy.

The fact that anything is, is not evidence for any god. The only inference we are to make is that things are, not that any god is. How would a guy talk about anything being designed without having the knowledge of what end the thing was designed.

If a breathing person is evidence for a god, what does it say about stones or dead people? Are they also evidence of god? Since the cat I don’t own can’t read this, ca that pass as evidence against god?

If god gave man free will and with it the ability to do harm, then, no man should be blamed for using his will as he chooses. If there is a problem, then, I think the manufacturer is responsible. We can’t transfer the problem to simple mortals.

If god created the universe and all in it, and at some point a race pissed him off, I think it was easier in my view to just forgive the damned human race than commit suicide and expect us to believe the suicide based on a report of anonymous reports by not so trustworthy people.

By god, read something else! There are many books besides the bible. The Gita, the teachings of Buddha and my good friend mentions Playboy Magazine among many more.