The ignorance of theists

This post is a response to the irony of atheism. I am not suggesting that all the theists are ignorant but most of them, especially those who write on the internet about atheism, seem to be ignorant of their subject matter. I will be their educator, for free.

Atheism is a lack of belief in deities. I am sorry it can’t mean anything more than. You can cry a river all you want but it will not require a leap of faith, unless of course you are really ignorant.

Humanism removes the need for the divine for the supernatural or divine in human affairs. Atheists have no belief in the supernatural. Humanism is not a synonym for atheism. To use the two interchangeably can only mean you neither understand the meaning of one or the other or both.

Yours truly is unable to make sense of this

Consequently any movement or political system based upon Atheism and Humanism – Marxism,  Communism and/or Catholicism: Humanism masquerading as a religion for example – without fail end up enslaving and persecuting the very one’s they claim to represent and serve.

Is he saying atheism is like Catholicism or that humanism is like Catholicism? How does a philosophy based on man’s ability to rationally solve humanities problems enslave and persecute the very people it is trying to improve? Is there something am missing or is there a memo that didn’t get to me?

Someone please tell me whether Stalin’s Russia did all it did in an attempt to promote humanism and atheism. I am ignorant in this matters and since it gets repeated everywhere even by people who don’t know the meaning of atheism, we need this matter cleared up.