we have gone beyond the dogs, maybe to the worms

How would one explain police using teargas on primary school children?

I will be honest, I hate cops. In my books they are at the lowest level of scam with politicians, prison warders and thieves. They exist to protect the property of the rich. They follow orders like oxen driving an ox plough. In this country, cops are some of the lowly paid civil servants and are the first to obstruct any attempts to challenge the government. One wonders whether between their ears there is any brain left. It is impossible to reason with a cop, no matter how hard you try.

Do people have conscience? Where is this greed going to end? Who in his right mind grabs a school play ground? This is a person whose child goes to an international school, flop their exams are exported to go study abroad and come here to land a government job where they continue to steal. Am honestly tired of these fucks!

Some spin doctor will say they students were used by activists or their parents. That doesn’t justify using teargas on them. The thing in question is why grab a school field?


And this tweet describes in great detail how this government is run