Giving back to society

In the past I have read posts written by theists who have said atheism is irrational because there are questions it can’t answer. I have been turning this question over in my head to get to how someone gets to such a point and it occurred to me you need the intelligence of unripe bananas to write that. And so in the spirit of comradeship, here is a list of questions, you can add yours, that atheism can’t answer and because of that, atheism is irrational and all you heathens should all become Muslim.

  • Atheism can’t answer why I prefer vanilla to strawberry whenever am buying ice cream
  • Atheism can’t answer why I was born with a dark skin
  • Atheism can’t answer why politicians, police, prison warders and thieves compete for the same position- scum of the population
  • Atheism can’t explain why sex is such a great thing
  • Atheism can’t explain why some people do well in school and others dismally
  • Atheism can’t explain why I love classical music

If your measure of the truth of a proposition is dependent on the questions you think it can’t answer, many theories will be considered irrational. It is akin to calling a fish stupid because it can’t ride a bicycle. Dear theist, before you assert atheism is irrational because it can’t answer this or that, ask yourself what is atheism. You may save yourself lots of embarrassment. I am glad I could help 😛