Interlude: Kenyans on Twitter

Or more famously known as #KOT.

I always thought and it seems I have been wrong on the cognitive abilities of the twitter users. I expected them to have IQs above that of boiled bananas but I think I have been generous.

I wonder what education does to people or rather more accurately, what type of education they received. Half the discussions end up being tribal and the other half is divided between prayer and ignorance.

You have the ones who think the solution to every conceivable is prayer

or who think the solution to traffic congestion  is to increase fuel prices

and the at the top is a candidate for an asylum who thinks yours truly is a pyscho for asking

In other news, the pope cuddles is opposing competition in the high department. Believing god loves you and is listening to your prayers is enough to keep you high for many days he is opposed to legalizing marijuana.

That there is the end of this public complaint.