comic relief

After those long posts, it is time for some comic relief and to help us do this, we will turn to an anonymous author who had this to say about Christianity

the christian religion, as generally practised, presents itself as one of those monuments of ignorance and credulity, which the wisdom of the present generation is probably destined to overthrow and to substitute a system more simple, more pure and more agreeable to the dictates of reason.

The bible, upon examination, we shall find deficient in many of the virtues ascribed to it. As a human composition, its merits have been greatly overrated; it is exceeded in sentiment, invention, style and every other literary qualification.

The obscurity, incredibility and obscenity so conspicuous in many parts of it, would justly condemn the works of a modern writer. It contains a mixture of inconsistency and contradiction, to call which the word of god is the highest pitch of extravagance; it is to attribute to the deity that which any person of common sense would blush to confess himself the author of.

Thoughts on the christian religion by a deist