god is a mental construct

and if you disagree, stand in that corner so you may be counted.

Africa is not a mental construct. That a person hasn’t been to visit doesn’t make it so and making such an argument is fallacious.  If you tried hard enough, you may meet an African or you could locate it[Africa] on a map with imaginary continental boundaries unless if you are an idiot.

The same cannot be said of god. Every theist tells you god exists but can’t tell where is, what it looks like and what it does, that is, almost if not all, will say the nature of god is unknowable

Atheists don’t rely on TRUTH, but only on what is knowable.

Love, beauty and so on are real not in the sense that they are touchable but they can be felt. They represent human emotions or judgement. To call a thing beautiful is to make a judgement on the thing perceived. Beauty isn’t a property of thing.

Numbers, money and most other mental constructs, save god, are representations of things. To compare numbers and gods as representing the same abstract concepts is to me bad reasoning, if we can call it so.

I will not begrudge anyone their faith in green cows, but keep your faith to yourself.

God is just a mental construct? No paycheck for you then

why did god need intermediaries to write the bible/ koran?

I was reading if god can write on a wall why can’t he write his own bible and it occurred to me that there are, at least, two occasions in the bible when god actually wrote some thing and so we must ask why not just write the damn thing once? Why have so many people telling odd stories then getting it all cobbled up together like A coat of many colours.

I hope the religious can help with this and we could then rest the matter.