The Jews

As a statement of post-modern and super-terrestrial fact, the religion that the Jews have foisted upon the world seems to me to be as vast a curse as the influenza that we inherit from the Tatars or the democratic fallacies set afloat by the French Revolution. The one thing that can be said in favour of it is that it is not true, and yet we suffer from it almost as much as if it were true.

[..]A race of lawgivers? Bosh! Leviticus is as archaic as the Code of Manu, and the Decalogue is a fossil. A race of seers? Bosh again! The god they saw survives only as a bogey-money, a theory, an uneasy and vexatious ghost.

But a race of poets, my lords, a race of poets! It is a vision of beauty that has ever haunted them. And it has been their destiny to transmit that vision, enfeebled, perhaps, but still distinct, to other and lesser peoples, that life might be made softer for the sons of men, and the goodness of the lord god- whoever he may be- might not be forgotten.

H. L Mencken